When does the term to file the 2019 Income tax return end?

When does the term to file the 2019 Income tax return end?

Not leaving everything for the last day is a maxim that we should all apply to ourselves in many facets of life. Because without a doubt, we would save ourselves more than one upset or headache. Have you already done the 2019 Income declaration? It is possible that with the state of alarm situation you are still a bit lost, but you should know that the Tax Agency has not stopped at any time and, if there are no clues to the contrary, all the deadlines will be respected as if they were a normal campaign it will be.

Taxpayers began filing their returns on April 1 , which is when the term began. After three days the returns began. Not surprisingly, the Tax Agency has deemed it appropriate to be more agile to issue refunds as soon as possible, thus allowing citizens to have extra money. And it is that around 70% of the returns that are presented tend to be returned.

In any case, do you know until what day you have to file the 2019 Income statement? Do not miss any of these dates and write them down well on the agenda, lest you miss the deadline.


Deadline to present the 2019 Income declaration

As we have indicated, the deadline to present the 2019 Income began on April 1. The rest of the calendar dates that you should be clear about are the following:

MAY 5, 2020

The request for an appointment begins for the "We Call You" plan, which allows taxpayers to make the 2019 Income declaration with the help of a professional from the Tax Agency. You can make an appointment online or by phone.

MAY 7, 2020

The Tax Agency begins to call taxpayers who have requested an appointment. From the start it is not possible to give a date and time for calls, so you have to be especially attentive and have all the necessary documentation ready.

JUNE 25, 2020

The term to present the 2019 Income declaration ends for all those that have as a result enter through direct debit.

JUNE 30, 2020

The deadline for submitting the 2019 Income Statement officially ends.

NOVEMBER 5, 2020

The term to pay the second payment ends for all those taxpayers who have chosen to  divide the payment, if the return has been returned.


What can happen if I file the declaration after the deadline?

Be careful not to meet the deadlines, because despite the fact that right now we are in a state of alarm, the Tax Agency does not forgive, nor will it make concessions beyond those already stipulated in the decree approved by the Government. With this we want to tell you that it is eminently necessary that you comply with the indicated deadlines: June 25 if it comes out to return and you are going to opt for direct debit and June 30 for the rest of the cases.

If the return is filed outside of the indicated dates, the Tax Agency could file a fine. This can range between 100 and 400 euros . Everything will depend on the date on which you finally decide to file the return. For its part, the Treasury has a deadline to process returns until December 31 of this year. If it were delayed beyond 2020, the agency would have to pay you with interest.

Usually, by that date almost all of the returns have already been made. Last year, for example, 97% had already been paid. The remaining 3%, if there was no major problem, should have received its return with interest. For 2020 the default interest will be 3.75%. This money will not have to be claimed, because the total amount will be entered once the return is approved.