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We have not forgotten our star section for the weekend . Like every Friday or Saturday, at we collect the most hilarious content that we find on the network of networks and the different messaging applications . You know, memes , cartoons , GIFs , tweets and other humorous content that, in addition to having fun, serve us well to review current events in our country and surroundings. As always, you have our Facebook and our Twitter accountavailable for you to share with us everything you can think of for this section. We started!

We started international. And it is that the dawn of Tuesday gives us quite worrying news. The 45th president of the United States of America will be Donald Trump , instead of the uncharismatic Hillary Clinton . Something that has sounded all the alarms worldwide, although it also goes according to what is happening in this crazy world during 2016: Brexit separates Europe, Colombia does not vote for peace, despite cases of corruption of the PP, Rajoy returns to govern, now the politically uncorrect Donald Trump does the following. The zombie apocalypse at least. These have been some of the reactions.

"" Hahahahaha, what fools are you Americans, you have voted for Trump!

”” You three times to Rajoy

”” Visitris tris vicis i Rijii

”” MR VEGETAL (@mejorchef) November 9, 2016

And we thought that the Chiquilicuatre thing was a big trolling. ”” Mr. Huevónâ „¢ (@SrHuevon) November 9, 2016

Brexit ✅

Rajoy again ✅

Milá's convinZeme ✅

President Trump ✅

Apocalypse Now 🠔›

”” Carlosbardem (@carlosbardem) November 9, 2016

Everything, absolutely everything, is on the Simpsons. ”” Miguel de la Rosa (@miguel_delarosa) November 9, 2016

”” Dolors Boatella (@DolorsBoatella) November 9, 2016

In Spain it has also been a tough week. On the one hand the dead of known vedette and artist of the unveiling of the small screen Cristina alias "The Poison" . A symbol of television that emerged in the charismatic program Crossing the Missisippi by the hand of Pepe Navarro . The causes are still unclear, counting on defenders of those who rely on the theory of murder after a strong blow to the head, as with the versions that point to a fall in the bathtub. In any case, we will miss this great character and his mythical phrases that have already remained for posterity, and for a few memestoo. Some of them are ideal to share ... especially with people you don't like too much.

whatsapp memes

Another loss, much less valuable, where it goes, is that of Ramon Garcia . And no, luckily we should not mourn his death, but rather his disappearance from televisions around the world on December 31 . The well-known television presenter has decided that it is good to have the grapes with the Igartiburu and do it with his wife and daughters. The Internet has reacted.

"Ramón García" is not going to give the bell this year. I already give up, huh?

”” Pijortera (@LaPijortera) November 9, 2016

Trump is worth it, but this is not.

”” Ernestinhos (@Ernestinhos) November 9, 2016

As if all this world drama were not enough, winter seems to have arrived. And not because they are recording the last season of Game of Thrones in Spain , which too, but because of the cold front that has made us realize that we are about to enter that time of year in which to suffer how the windows are fogged of glasses when entering anywhere . That moment in which you must dress like an onion and suffer each of the layers when you enter the subway or an establishment. Constipation and sore throats… We don't miss summer at all. No girl! By the way, we are fans of the nipple hats, the invention of the year.

whatsapp memes november

whatsapp memes november

whatsapp memes november

Of course, we also have all kinds of memes collected from the different WhatsApp groups we are in (always forced). And it is that people do not seem to tire of sharing all kinds of humor, no matter how absurd it is. Here are a few examples:

whatsapp memes november

whatsapp memes november

whatsapp memes november