From today you can make an appointment to make the 2019 Income by phone


The telephone service begins through the We Call You to prepare the 2019 Income plan. Starting today, Tuesday, May 5, all taxpayers who have not yet formalized their income statement can ask the Tax Agency to call them. It is a service that for some years has been offered to citizens, so that, if they do not know how to get down to business with the matter, they can do it comfortably and easily by phone.

At the moment, and although this was the deadline set for it, it will not be possible to request a prior appointment to physically go to the administration. So all you can do right now , and due to the state of alarm situation, is to make an appointment for an official from the Tax Agency to call you. How to do it? We tell you everything in this article.


Make an appointment by phone for the 2019 Rent

Let's do it. It's time to make the declaration of Income 2019 and the sooner, the better. Therefore, if you have no idea how to formalize it, you can do two things. The first and easiest, call a manager who will solve the ballot for you . The second, ask for an appointment through the Plan 'We call you' of the Tax Agency, with which, as its own name announces, someone will call you at your home or mobile phone to make the declaration.

During these days and due to the current situation, the Tax Agency has strengthened the telephone service, so that there will be more professionals attending to citizens, even if it is from a distance. To request an appointment, you have to call a specific phone number or access the Tax Agency application . These are the numbers you should call to request an appointment:

901 22 33 44 - 91 553 00 71 (personal attention)

901 12 12 24 - 91 535 73 26 (automatic service)

You can call any of these numbers from today, you can do it from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., always from Monday to Friday. You have time until June 29, just one day before the 2019 Income campaign ends . The calls from the Tax Agency agents will begin from this Thursday the 7th. For now, and due to the situation we are going through with COVID-19, it is not possible to confirm a day and an hour. From the Tax Agency they have informed, yes, that they will try to make the call as soon as possible.

If you want, you can also request an appointment through the app of the Tax Agency. It is the same procedure, but much more agile . The operation will be the same: they will add you to the list and they will call you as soon as possible and your turn comes. You will need, others, to have the necessary documentation ready.


Documentation that you must have on hand for Income 2019

If you finally choose to be called from the Tax Agency to make the declaration by phone, you must have the documentation ready. Don't forget to have the following ready:

  • Reference number for Income 2019. You will need the DNI / NIE, the date of validity, issue or support number and box 505 of Income 2018
  • Work performance
  • Returns on real estate capital
  • Capital gains and losses subject to withholding or deposit on account

In summary, it is important that you have all those documents that are necessary to declare your fiscal and economic situation. Otherwise, you will not be able to manage the Income at the moment . In addition, as for now they will not give you a date and time to make the statement by phone, it is best to leave everything ready just in case.