How to mention members in WhatsApp groups

WhatsApp mentions

WhatsApp continues to introduce new features for its iOS and Android users . The last one is related to groups. And it is that from now on, members will receive a notification in case of being mentioned, even if they have the group in silence. In this way, no one will be able to say that they have not read a message because they had the group silenced and they did not find out. From now on we will be able to mention them so that they receive the notice of our message. Although this function still has much to improve, for now it has been enabled in the most recent versions of WhatsApp for iOS and Android , without the need to update or have a beta version downloaded.

The mention of members in the groups reaches WhatsApp and works very easily. When we want someone in our group to read a message, we just have to enter the at symbol followed by the name of the contact. For example: " @Rafa ". Logically, it will have to be the name of the contact that we have registered on our phone, whether or not it is their real name. It must be taken into account that in any group conversation , once we press the at symbol, a small section for selecting the contact is displayed. The list of contacts that we can mention is automatically displayed, being able to click on the thumbnail of any of themto make the mention. This means that we will not have to know the name, but we can select it from this section.

WhatsApp mentions

As we said before, for now this function will be available on WhatsApp for Android and iOS in the most recent versions of the Google Play Store and App Store . However, it generates certain problems even with notifications . In other words, it has not yet been fully integrated with the "temporary silence" modes of group chats. It is basically designed to notify only who the message is intended for, and not the rest of the group chat participants.

These new WhatsApp mentions are in addition to the quotes of the messages that landed on the application last spring. Let us remember that thanks to this new option the most popular communication service of the moment now puts much more order in our conversations, especially in those groups in which dozens of contacts participate speaking at the same time. It is already known that in the end they end up mixing issues and sometimes it is not known who is answering what . Thus, now we only have to quote the message to reply. To quote a message we only have to press and hold on the one we want to reply to and then click on the new Reply optionthat appears in the action menu, with an arrow icon. By clicking on this option the appointment will be added to our message. Once we send it we will see the quote next to our message. You can quote everything from videos, photos, links, documents or voice notes.