Tuenti, how to delete the account and unsubscribe

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With the permission of Facebook , Tuenti has become one of the most successful social networks of the moment. Although it is basically succeeding among teenagers and young boys , there are many who are taking over this social network , halfway between the brevity of Twitter and the familiarity of Facebook. It currently has more than twelve million users and a registered growth of 33%, which is not bad at all. To date, Tuenti required an invitation , but now - after checking the phone numbermobile - we have the option to connect to this network for youngsters. It is much easier than before. Although what really continues to have its substance is the question of unsubscribing . As in all services, disappearing is downright tedious .

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As always in these cases, you have to pay close attention to the fine print . And what Tuenti does clarify is how to unsubscribe temporarily , thus saving your user account in the bedroom, in case you want to return any day. If you do not want to keep any data in the database of the social network, it is best to follow the link that we offer below . As you know, the initial procedure proposed by Tuenti is the same as that offered by Facebook in principle, so it is best to click on the link , if you don't want to stumble around the web. Once inside, the unsubscribe form, you will have to select one of the reasons indicated by Tuenti itself . This way you can indicate if you feel insecure, if you have questions about privacy, if you do not know how to use the service, if it is not useful or any other reason that may occur to you.

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Once the cancellation is formalized, you should know that you will never have access to Tuenti through your user account, also losing all the information, messages, comments, entries, status updates and any other data that is associated with your account . If you have already decided, you will need to click on the button 'Send unsubscribe request' . From this moment on, you will no longer be able to access Tuenti and if you want to recover the service, you will have to register from the beginning again. If you wish, you can also cancel your account temporarily . It is an activation process whereby your user will be hidden and your data will be stored in the bedroom.