5 useful Word functions hidden in plain sight

5 useful Word functions hidden in plain sight

It is one of the most used tools. We are talking about Microsoft Word, the word processor of the Office package . A program that despite the wide variety of free options and in the cloud that exists, continues to resist over the years.

Over time, Microsoft has reinvented its most famous program. And it has done it by including it within Office 365. Despite that, we are sure that rare is the day when you do not open Microsoft Word to study or work .

Today we want to discover five functions that are hidden , but that can be very useful in your day to day. We present them for you to enjoy, below.


1. Automatically save a document every few minutes

How many times has it happened to you? It turns out that you had not once saved that important document. When suddenly, unexpected failure. Power outage. Or any other accident of those that remind you that you are clueless . And that you almost never give to save in the eternal icon of the floppy disk.

Well, you know that in Microsoft Word there is a function that allows you to make automatic saves every few minutes . The system will indicate 10 minutes by default, but you can customize this option as you wish. You can even make Word save changes made to the document every minute. And suffer no more!

Write where you want

2. Write where you want

Another option that you probably did not know is the one that allows you to write anywhere in the document . Just double-click on any available white space. The cursor will be located in the exact place that you have marked and you will be able to start writing. Easy right?

Then, if you need it, you can also edit at will . The functionality is great for brainstorming, or writing your way, as if you were writing on blank paper on the table. In this case, on the screen.

word delete

3. Delete data about the creation of the document

Every time you save a document, you also save information about its creation. In this way, anyone who accesses the document can see it . And it is data related to comments, personal information, miscellaneous metadata, embedded documents, macros, and so on.

If you want no one to see this information, simply go to File> Information> Check for problems> Inspect document. Uncheck those options that you consider. If you want to consult them, click on Inspect. 

annoying options

4. Hide annoying options

Many times we need tranquility to write. And Word is a program full of options that in many cases are of no use to us. There is a quick shortcut with which you can clear the screen in no time. And start enjoying the blank page without distractions. Just press CTRL + F1 .

Another way to do this is by right-clicking on the toolbar. Select the Collapse the Ribbon option .

Add hidden text

5. Add hidden text

Another interesting option, in this case the last one that we are going to propose, is to add hidden text to the document. This feature can be very useful if you want to create two versions of the document . One to print and give to others and one for you, with personal notes.

In this way, you can save everything in the same document. To activate this option, select the text you want to hide and go to Home> Font and choose the Font tab. Here you will have to check the Hidden option . And the text will disappear. You can recover it whenever you want.