Papa Pear Saga, throw pears without stopping with this fun game for Facebook

Papa Pear Saga

We are going to charge with another game from the Barcelona studio " King ", creators among others of the famous Candy Crush Saga ( there are some tricks for him). This time it is a new title developed for the social network Facebook and which already has a good number of followers. Papa Pear Saga is an arcade adventure in which your primary objective will be to strain a few pears into various baskets located at the bottom of the screen. The arrival of the pears to the baskets will not be a bed of roses, since we will find a large number of obstacles that will prevent us from reaching easily.

The good thing about Papa Pear Saga , unlike many other Facebook games such as Candy Rush Saga itself , is that it will not be necessary to wait a certain time, since we will be able to play indefinitely without having to recharge energy or anything like that. Of course it is a totally free game , which can be played from the social network Facebook from the link that we leave you below

Papa Pear Saga 01

The protagonists of Papa Pear Saga are a tribe of funny pears who love games and fun. Nobody knows why, but they love being fired from a cannon. And this is not all, since before each shot, they squeeze oranges that become protective helmets for their heads. This means that the pears can bounce off everything before reaching the barrels without suffering any damage. The barrels: Tattie, Tiny, Cunégonde, Wemedge and Baron Thunder-ten will be waiting like May water for the pears to reach their hungry mouths.

In each level we will have 30 shots of Papa Pear. With each shot we must try to make the pears bounce as much as possible, since it is the best way to get a good handful of points . To do this, simply point the mouse in the desired direction and click to fire. The power of each shot will also be controlled depending on the time we hold down the mouse and we can see it thanks to a bar that will indicate the force.

Papa Pear Saga 02

We do not have to throw a pear and see it bounce and fall to launch the next one, since we can have up to three bouncing around the screen at the same time. Once one of the pears has landed we can fire a new shot. Each pear must fall into one of the barrels that are located at the bottom. The barrels are gray asleep while an awake again fill with color. When all the barrels are awakened we will go to the next level.

In the levels of Papa Pear Saga there will be gold coins scattered around the screen. It is important to collect as many as we can, as they will multiply our score significantly. The game has a time limit of four minutes, once this time is exceeded without waking up all the barrels or if we have run out of Potatoes , the game will end.

We just leave you with the direct link to Facebook where you can start playing Papa Pear Saga . One of the most entertaining games of the moment and that will surely keep you hooked for a long time.

Play Papa Pear Saga for free on Facebook