10 memes of the January slope to share on WhatsApp and Facebook

10 memes of the January slope to share on WhatsApp and Facebook

Today is January 14 and many of us are already making the newly released 2019 long. January 14 days validate as 60 days of the rest of the year and all for the happy Christmas shopping, outings, gifts, excesses, Christmas bonuses … A waste of spending that later translates into endless sighs in January, glances at the savings account with a small eye and gastronomic juggling that make us increase our intake of white rice and tuna compared to other years. And the cost is not only high due to the monetary issue ... because let's see who climbs it with these kilos that we have put on!

Shall we join the gym?

The queues at the gym should be anthology this January. And I say it must be because I suppose, not because I went to see it. Join a gym? With what money?


January, premiere season

We must take advantage of all the clothes that Reyes has given us because, who knows, when will we have new clothes. What does not stick or glue? Anyway, take advantage, you don't want to look bad with your father-in-law after he has given you that scarf.

january cost meme

Are you sure the 'cost' thing does it justice?

After all, a hill is not a big deal either. His own word says it, 'costs' but it is not impossible. It is impossible to assume that there are still 17 days until the end of the month and your checking account does not exceed two figures.

memes costs january 04

Ciao Christmas!

Even the most recalcitrant Christmas lovers must admit that they end up filled with so many lights, foods and various shortbreads. And the avalanches in city centers? Well that, to take for c ***!

memes costs january 05

And where is the money?

That we do not see it. Neither in the portfolio nor in the bank, neither to the left nor to the right. It vanished, like tears in the rain.

meme costs january 06

Back to study

If it is not the economy, it is for the beginning of the new quarter . The point is being depressed about something in January.

memes costs january 07

The January slope is inevitable

Unless you're a millionaire, of course. And as is inevitable, it is best to withstand the downpour as best as possible, saving as much as possible and supporting all its weight between your shoulders. Like the boy in the photo who, above all, reminds you how far we are still from the summer and its benefits ... Oh, there's nothing left yet!

memes cost january 08

Your face doing the math

We have to do mental drums so that the accounts come out between what we have and what we still have to pay. Electricity, water, Internet… I forgot to unsubscribe Netflix! Beware of automatic subscriptions of the services that give a free month ... they are loaded by the devil!

meme costs january 08

Waste of gifts

It is what you have to warm your hand or have a large family and decide not to play the invisible friend, that your savings in gifts go away and then in January you have to suffer. What is the extra pay for ? Congratulations, civil servant, you talk about extra pay to a poor self-employed person without vacations all year ...

meme costs january 09

There are with luck

And to end this plaintive manifesto of oh what little money we have in January 'we go to the other spectrum, which does not care about the cost of January and that of February because money is a problem for him. "I don't think about money" ... of course you don't think, if it's not a problem.

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