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We start this section of recommended websites with a movie website. Do you want to know if the new movie that opens this weekend is as good as it is painted? Would you like to find people with similar film tastes to yours so that you can share recommendations? Or simply to save you paying a ticket to a movie that almost certainly doesn't suit your tastes. The answer is called

It is one of those brilliant ideas that someone starts up one fine day. And that, over time and with a lot of recommendation from one to another, is increasing in popularity. allows everyone to rate current films, recent years or 20th century classics. Afterwards, the system automatically crosses the votes of all users to find other people with similar tastes. In this way, you can see what our "soulmates" think of a specific movie, as the web calls like-minded users. Without a doubt, a very comfortable system to choose the film before going to the cinema or when renting at the video store.

In order for the search for "soulmates" to be as successful as possible, the website recommends making a minimum of 10 votes. It even proposes a tour of some of the best known films. Our recommendation is not only to vote for the films that we like the most, but also to vote negatively for those great titles that many people tend to like. What the portal calls "Famous movies that I can't stand", an interesting list to refine in the pairing.