How to remove the Hola Search bar from the browser

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It's called HolaSearch and it's one of the many search bars that are installed in our browsers. But, let us start at the beginning. We will call things by name. Because in truth, HolaSearch is nothing more than a powerful adware device that works as a browser hijacker or browser hijacker . Unfortunately, sites like Softonic , the popular software download space, install fraudulent components like this one without warning the user. It is true that during the installation process there is the possibility of avoiding the integration of certain bars as annoying as this one, but the truth is that even discarding any of these options,We (or any other download center freeware or software Free) automatically installs HolaSearch . The problem with this bar is that its removal process is extremely complicated and cannot be done through the usual procedures. Next, we will tell you how to permanently eliminate HolaSearch .

After installing the search bar in your browser ( Chrome , Firefox , Internet Explore r…) and modifying the home page , the system redirects all searches to fradulent sites. These are links to unreliable spaces, manipulated by the HolaSearch organization itself . But, what do you have to do to definitively kill HolaSearch from your browser? Follow these instructions:

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1) First, you have to download the AT-destroyer 2.1 program . Once this step has been completed, run the antivirus and click on the Search and Destroy button . When it is finished (the process may take a few minutes) the software will ask you to restart the computer . The computer will start up again and you will receive a report with all the data. You are now ready to go to the next step.

2) In this second step you will have to download Adwcleaner . You will see that it is a simple program, specially designed to eliminate these types of adware infections . When installed, you just have to press the Delete button . As it could not be otherwise, it will be necessary to restart the computer. You will receive a report as soon as the analysis is finished.


3) Third, you only have to do one last analysis. You will have to download Eset and install it on your computer to continue with the process. Remember that to carry out this and all the other steps, it will be necessary that you have temporarily deactivated your main antivirus / antispyware program . When you finish you can activate it again.

4) Finally, we recommend you finish with this cleaning process through CCleaner , a tool that you can leave installed on your computer for other occasions. The system removes data and residual files ( cookies , temporary files, histories, logs ...) from all areas of the computer, including: Internet Explorer , Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Windows or Registry Cleaner .

Via: InfoSpyware