▷ How to pay traffic fines online in Spain and Portugal

pay online traffic fines prompt payment

Summer is the time of year when the greatest number of transfers occur. Statistically it is also the time of year when the highest number of fines are issued from the different national security forces. Fortunately, more and more organizations are implementing telematic payment through web platforms to pay traffic fines online .

Whether it is a fine from the DGT, the municipal government or even our neighboring country, Portugal, today it is possible to pay the debt from the Internet through a credit or debit card. That is why this time we will see how to proceed depending on the origin of the fine and its nature.

How to pay fines online from the DGT in Spain

pay dgt fine

The payment of fines to the DGT, the General Directorate of Traffic, can be carried out through two methods: with a PIN code and without a digital certificate. We can access each of the pages through the following links:

  • Payment of DGT fines with PIN code
  • Payment of DGT fines without digital certificate

Before proceeding with the payment, we will have to know the file number of the fine and the date of notification. Both details are indicated in the original notification of the fine, which usually arrives in the form of a registered letter.

Once we have obtained the data, we will have to proceed with the registration of our information through the two methods indicated above. In case of having a PIN code, we will only have to log in with our data and all the required information will be automatically filled in (DNI, name, postal address ...)

Finally, we will indicate the amount owed without the reduction for prompt payment that is made during the first 20 calendar days and we will select the payment method that best suits our possibilities. If we have completed the process during the first 20 days, 50% of the amount owed will be automatically deducted .

How to pay municipal fines online

pay city fine

If the traffic offense has been committed within the physical limits of a certain locality (Madrid, Badajoz, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Gijón, Seville ...), it is most likely that the body in charge of issuing the sanction is the local police . In this case, the body issuing the fine is the local government, that is, the town hall.

To proceed with the payment of a fine through the page of the local council, we will have to perform the following search on Google:

  • fine payment * city * online

We leave you below with the pages of several of the Spanish cities with more inhabitants:

  • Online payment of fines in Madrid
  • Online payment of fines in Badajoz
  • Online payment of fines in Barcelona
  • Online payment of fines in Seville
  • Online payment of fines in Bilbao
  • Online payment of fines in Valencia
  • Payment of fines online in Vigo
  • Online payment of fines in Huelva
  • Online payment of fines in Murcia

How to pay Portugal fines online

pay fine portugal

The payment of fines in Portugal is very different from that of Spain. In the event that the fine has been carried out in a non-face-to-face way, that is, through a radar or through a toll, the payment of the fine must be paid through the purchase of cards with a balance . This type of card is called Toll Card, and can be purchased through the website of the Government of Portugal designed for it.

Since we are not Portuguese citizens, we will have to contact the service through the following email address in Portuguese to proceed with the payment:

Or by using the following phone numbers as long as we have knowledge of Portuguese:

  • +351 707 26 26 26 (calls made from Portugal)
  • +351 211 94 91 82 (calls made from outside Portugal)

Once we have indicated the file number and the date of issuance of the fine, the operator will be in charge of deducting the balance of the card acquired through the corresponding website.