How can I clean my computer monitor or screen

screen cleaning

This week we told you that there are certain very common practices that can lower the performance of your computer . One of our recommendations in this regard was to carry out periodic cleaning  of the various connectors, cables and other nooks and crannies of the devices. And is that the dust tends to accumulate almost anywhere. Well, another device that deserves our full attention is the laptop screen or monitor of our desktop computer . If you look closely (you will see it better with the screen off) they tend to get dirty with dust and other elements or substances that one does not know or how they ended up there. If what you want is to get a good performance from your computer and see things with total clarity, it would be interesting if you follow these tips to know how to clean your computer monitor or screen.

What I need?

To clean any screen it is advisable to have certain utensils or products , although if you do not have them or cannot find them, you can choose other alternatives. In principle, to clean the screen of any computer, the only thing we would need is:

  • A dry microfiber cloth or two , if you plan to apply a wet solution.
  • A specific solution for the screen (you can find it in any computer store or in large stores, probably within the computer sections themselves).
  • If you don't have it on hand, you can also opt for a more homemade method and make one of the following mixtures: distilled water and a couple of drops of dishwasher, a mixture of vinegar and distilled water, or a mixture of alcohol and distilled water.

Clean monitor

How do I clean the screen?

1. What we will do at the beginning is to try it dry, although we have already told you that some stains or remains will be difficult to remove. Take the microfiber cloth and start at the edges of the screen or monitor. Then start cleaning the surface of the screen to remove any dirt it may have.

2. When you have finished, take a good look at how it turned out. Is it still dirty? In that case, we will go to the second method, in which you will already have to use product. In computer stores you will find diluted solutions to clean all types of screens (yes, also those of mobile phones or tablets). You can keep one of these jars on hand and follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

3. If you do not have this product on hand and you want to make the mixture yourself , you can use any of the ingredients that we have indicated above. When you have the liquid ready, wet the cloth and drain it well: we just want it to be a little damp , nothing more.

4. Go loosely wiping the surface over the screen (you could easily damage it), insisting with a single finger on the most persistent dirt. When you're done, the screen should be like jets of gold . You can dry it with another dry cloth or with a little kitchen paper. And that's it.