Netflix begins to put limits on series and movies downloads

Netflix begins to put limits on series and movies downloads

After putting the candy in our mouths, Netflix now threatens to take it away . Or at least, limit ourselves enough. We talked about the possibility of downloading content from its platform, something that made life easier for us to be able to enjoy its series and movies without having to be connected. Something that alleviated the use of our data quota and also those trips in which we had to activate the 'airplane mode' on our devices.

Before you panic, Netflix has begun to put out a notice that certain content will only be able to be downloaded a number of times. That is, put a limit to the times we can download. It has been the Android Police portal who has given the warning.

In fact, the Android Police even exonerate Netflix from this decision . As they themselves explain, the streaming platform does not own the rights to many of the content it offers, so the rules are set by others. Even so, it would be interesting if they offered an option to see how many downloads you have left, in order to manage and organize it better. Since a surprise notice is not the best way to carry it out.

In one of the screenshots that are circulating on the network, you can see a message that says the following “ this title can only be downloaded once more before March 22, 2018” . That is, they practically leave us one more download for 365 days. So the option is to download it and see it , not to leave it stored so that it ends up expiring.

Netflix begins to put limits on series and movie downloads 1

That is, the downloads we make have a time limit to remain on our device. We have a limited time to see it, and if it passes, the option was to download it again. That's when this message appears, but not all of its content in specific titles that have not been revealed yet.

In several contents they will notify us that we can only download that content one more time before a date set by Netflix. The biggest complaint of the users of this platform is that the notice only appears when we have hardly any downloads left .

So the advice is that instead of downloading countless chapters and storing them, let's only use the content that we are going to see during the next few days so that we do not have to suffer this unpleasant notice that has caused so much alarm and discomfort on social networks.


Netflix enabled downloads months ago

A few months ago on Netflix appeared the possibility of downloading content to our devices (mobile or tablet). A content that lasted for a limited time to be able to see it without an Internet connection.

A very comfortable utility, especially when we do not have an Internet connection but do have time to watch some type of multimedia content. Also very interesting not to squeeze our quota of data to stream a series. Of course, this did not apply to all content , as there was a selection of what we could download. Not all series in the catalog offer this option to bring the content to our device.