The best free programs to issue and manage invoices

The best free programs to issue and manage invoices

Creating and issuing invoices is a necessary process for many workers, from small freelancers to famous small and medium-sized companies. In this article we present the 8 best free programs that you can use to manage and issue invoices. With them your daily work will be a little easier.

Invoice Script


Invoice Script is a program that we can use both online and locally by downloading it to the computer. This means that you will be able to try the online version, and if you like it you have the option of making it work locally on your computer, so that it does not depend on the Internet connection.

It is a multi- device software , which will allow us to access all our invoices on all the devices we use it on, be they computers, tablets and even mobile phones.

Another very interesting function of this tool is that, if you have workers hired in your business, you can easily manage their permissions within the program, to limit their access to sensitive information.



Keyandcloud is another billing program that can be used on various devices. Something that we also like a lot is that it allows you to complete tax forms 303, 130, 115 and 111 in a very simple way, if you have all your tax data up to date within this platform.

Another very interesting feature of KeyANDCloud is that it offers us a large number of templates , which we can use to prepare invoices with a very professional appearance. In summary, it is a totally free program, and very suitable for freelancers and small entrepreneurs.



Mgest is a program to create and issue invoices, which we can use completely free of charge, as long as our business does not exceed a volume of 100 clients and 200 annual sales.

If you exceed the limit, you will have to purchase a paid version, fortunately this program has a system of modules so that you only have to buy what you need.

This program also includes an agenda, which will be very useful to organize all your professional activities to perfection. Lastly, Mgest can be linked to major ecommerce platforms like Shoptek , Woocommerce, and Prestashop .

Electronic billing management

Electronic billing management

Electronic invoicing management is a totally free invoicing program, created by the Government of Spain, to facilitate invoicing for small entrepreneurs.

An advantage of this program is that it is available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux operating systems , so you can benefit from it regardless of the platform you use for your activities. It allows you to generate electronic invoices in Facturae format, and is designed especially for micro-businesses, SMEs and the self-employed.

Facturae is the format with which the public administrations of our country work, so if you have any of them as a client, you will have to use this program because it is the only one compatible with this format. Of course, Electronic Billing Management also allows you to issue invoices to companies and private clients.



Selfconta is another electronic invoicing program, which you can use for free, in this case it is focused on SMEs and freelancers. This is a program that includes features that have been carefully selected to make running a small business easier.

Among them we find the creation of delivery notes, send estimates, control the accounting, send all kinds of documentation to customers and suppliers, manage the latter and of course the creation and issuance of invoices.

In short, it is a very intuitive free program , offering all the functions that a small entrepreneur may need.



Contasimple offers us the possibility of registering for free , to be able to issue invoices in PDF format. Once you have issued the invoices, you can send them directly to your clients from the same platform for greater convenience.

Its free plan allows you to manage a maximum of 5 products and 10 clients , if you exceed this limit, you will have to sign up for one of its payment plans. This makes it a very suitable free alternative for small businesses.

Something very interesting is that from the home page of this tool you will be able to see all the income and expenses that you have had during the quarter, as well as the net benefits and VAT to be declared in the same period.

Free Billing 123 for SMEs and Self-Employed

Billing 123 Free

Billing 123 Free for SMEs and Self-Employed is a program focused on small and medium-sized companies, and the self-employed .

The objective of its creators is to save you as much time as possible in the preparation and issuance of invoices, while offering you a small assistant, ideal for keeping your business accounts up to date.

This program works locally on your computer, and is available for both Windows and MacOS operating systems. The advantage of this type of solution is that you can use it on any computer, regardless of whether or not it has Internet access.

My Management Free

My Management Free

My Gestion Free is another free online billing program that offers a multitude of options designed for freelancers and small entrepreneurs. Its invoice issuance system is very intuitive, so that you can have them ready in a few minutes. In addition, it offers the possibility of keeping track of all invoices paid and those pending collection.

Another very interesting function that this tool includes is the possibility of creating detailed budgets , to offer a much more professional image to our clients.

It allows you to send all the documents generated directly by email, as well as share them on an intranet, and give access to specific clients.