The five best ZTE smartphones you can buy today

ZTE Axon Mini

ZTE is one of the brands that are better positioning themselves in the smartphone market. The Asian company has managed to sell more than 100 million terminals during 2015, and this year it hopes to consolidate itself as one of the most powerful alternatives to Samsung or Apple. During the next MWC it is expected to present several leading models, but for now we leave you with five of the best ZTE smartphones that you can buy today in stores: ZTE Axon Mini, ZTE Axon Elite, ZTE Blade S6, ZTE Blade V6 or ZTE Blade V220 . Here you are.

ZTE Axon Mini


We started the review by the ZTE Axon Mini. This terminal receives the nickname "Mini", but it has nothing small. The ZTE Axon Mini bets on a 5.2-inch Full HD screen and sports a very elegant design with the use of metal and the inclusion of an under-camera fingerprint reader. All this with an aspect that is very different from the rest of the proposals that we have seen in the market. One of the main attractions of the Mini is the use of Force Touch technology , which recognizes the level of pressure applied to the screen . It is a technology that is beginning to be deployed now, and that, for example, are carried by the modelsiPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 6s .

Complete analysis of the ZTE Axon Mini Premium Edition

Price: 340 euros approx

ZTE Axon Elite


The second terminal in our selection is the ZTE Axon Elite . It is the “older brother” of the ZTE Axon Mini, with a similar design in which the use of metal prevails and in which two leather stripes have been included to give it a differential touch. This high-end smartphone bets on a 5.5-inch screen with Full HD resolution . In addition, it highlights the inclusion of a double camera on the back to create depth effects. Without a doubt, an excellent proposal for users looking for a computer with a large screen.

ZTE Axon Elite Complete Review

Price: 400 euros approx.

ZTE Blade S6


The ZTE Blade S6 is a mid-range mobile that has achieved a good reception among the public. A terminal that does not stand out especially in any of its technical sections, but that does not remain lame in any aspect. Among the most prominent features of the equipment we have a thickness of just 7.7 millimeters which enhances its appeal, a dual SIM card slot , or a good camera with Sony bill and resolution of 13 megapixels.

Complete analysis of the ZTE Blade S6

Price: 190 euros approx.


The ZTE Blade V6 is a step above the previous model. It is a mobile with a metal casing in a one-piece body . But, above all, we liked its design that the company has achieved a very slim body of just 6.8 millimeters and a weight of 122 grams. In addition, the V6 bets on a 5-inch screen with HD resolution, a 13-megapixel rear camera and connectivity with 4G networks.

Complete analysis of the ZTE Blade V6

Price: 180 euros approx.

ZTE Blade V220


We finish the review with the ZTE Blade V220 . It is the cheapest mobile on the list, but it still has two very interesting attractions. On the one hand, it uses a design with a metallic body that will give us the feeling of being in front of a higher category smartphone. But also includes a good rear 13 megapixel camera that promises good photos. All this with a commitment to the standard five-inch format .

Price: 140 euros approx.