How to watch the League of Legends World Cup final online


South Korea is the host this year of the League of Legends World Championship 2018 or Worlds 2018 but of course not all of us can afford to go to Seoul and experience the final surrounded by the energy and passion of the fans. For this reason, as usual, Riot Games has indicated the transmission routes for the grand final, but also various cinemas and even bars have jumped on the wave of eSports and will broadcast the final for fans as if it were the Champions League.

Being an eSport, fans are more than used to watching the finals from their home on official Twitch broadcasts or even commented on by their favorite youtubers or streamers. The word "official" must be emphasized since being an eSport the broadcasts are open and there is no need to search for pages that broadcast the League of Legens World Championship in an "illegal" way. We tell you from how you can see it from home and some places where it will be broadcast.

League of Legends World Championship Final

The broadcast of the final of the League of Legends World Championship will be made from the official Riot Games channel on Twitch. This broadcast will be in English since, as the organizers, it is focused on a global audience. Once the final is finished, it will be uploaded to the LoL Esports YouTube channel where it can be seen on a delayed basis in the event that we have missed the live show. The broadcast of the event is live so we advise you to have a good connection to be able to enjoy it at the highest possible quality.

If we are Spanish speakers or want to see a broadcast in Spanish, we have to go to the LVPes Twitch channel . This channel will be broadcast in Spanish and commented on or cast by great eSports commentators such as Ibai Llanos who have traveled to the East Asian country to professionally comment on one of the most important eSports events of the year. When the final has finished, the live broadcast will be uploaded to YouTube to the LVPward channel, where it can be seen in a delayed manner if we have missed the live broadcast.

The appointment with the final is on November 3 at 8:30 in the morning , so if you want to see the final, you will have to get up early. Many broadcasts like that of the LVPes will begin at 8 in the morning to count the moments before the final. Those summoned to the final are Invictus Gaming and FNATIC who will face each other to see who wins the Summoner's Cup. This event is massive in South Korea and will have thousands of attendees who will witness the final. In Spain if we want to live an experience in company or something that may seem like living a final, we can do it in the cinemas that have been enabled for it.

Physical places in Spain where to watch the final of the League of Legens World Championship

Riot Games has organized together with Coca-Cola the opening of different cinemas throughout the entire Spanish territory. So people who want to live an experience much more similar to what will be lived in Seoul. Those who decide to attend and watch the final of the League of Legens World Championship will receive an exclusive glass of Coca-Cola and clappers to make them feel like they are at a massive event. The broadcast that will be broadcast will be the one carried out in Spanish by the LVP.

LET'S GO TO KOREA. #KoreanTour

- LVP League of Legends (@LVPesLoL) October 30, 2018

In the following link you have all the information about the different events that will take place that day. Since not only the cinemas are going to broadcast the final, some bars or gaming centers will also do it. So if you doubt if your city is going to celebrate something, you can look for it in the link that we have put.

A coruña

  • CINESA Marineda City - Buy your tickets


  • CINESA Diagonal - Buy your tickets
  • CINESA Heron City - Buy your tickets


  • CINESA ZUBIARTE - Buy your tickets


  • CINESA Salera - Buy your tickets


  • CINESA Nueva Condomina - Buy your tickets


  • CINESA Projections - Buy your tickets
  • CINESA Mendez Álvaro - Buy your tickets
  • CINESA Principe Pio - Buy your tickets
  • CINESA Parquesur (Leganés) - Buy your tickets
  • CINESA Heron City Las Rozas - Buy your tickets


  • CINESA Intu Asturias - Buy your tickets

Palma de Mallorca

  • CINESA Festival Park - Buy your tickets


  • Press Start eSports Bar


  • Cinesa Bahía de Santander - Buy your tickets


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  • CINESA Parc Valles - Buy your tickets


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  • CINESA Puerto Venecia - Buy your tickets