The new optical illusion that sweeps the Internet after the blue dress

viral legs

Do you remember the famous optical illusion of the dress that revolutionized social networks? The phenomenon that became known as "The dress" divided the world between a great majority who saw the dress in white with gold trim and a (correct) minority who saw it in cobalt blue with black trim. But the important thing here was not what color the happy dress was, but the whole tide of comments, tweets and controversies around it.

Well, the general opinion and its desire for debate return to the load with another optical illusion that right now, while you're reading me, has already become viral:

Viral legs tweet

The tweet has reached almost 17,000 retweets in less than 24 hours

It all started yesterday, when @kingkayden decided to upload this photo on Twitter urging people to say what they saw. Your very easy question, "Are these legs shiny and oily or do they have white paint?", The answers not so much anymore.

In a matter of hours the tweet is already close to 17,000 retweets, but the original photo is not his but from @leonarhospams,  who published it several weeks ago on his Instagram account with a text that clearly indicated if his legs had oil or painting, but we are not going to tell you to keep the mystery. This user has had to close her Instagram account in the last 24 hours due to the massive influx of followers who entered and began to follow her in search of an answer to this new mystery of the 2.0 community.


The famous dress of discord that divided the Internet

Opinions are very different, although we must clarify that in this case it is an optical illusion, unlike what happened with the dress. In that case, a group of German scientists tested (not kidding) different subjects, asking them to look at the image while having an MRI . In this way, they were able to perceive differences between them and the way their brains processed information.

In short, those who saw the white and gold dress registered  extra activity in the frontal and parietal areas of the brain, the most important part of the organ in visual perception, mental reasoning and selective attention. In this way, their brains perceived the blue part as a shadow affecting the white part , which entailed an effort over those who saw the blue and black dress (as it really was) whose brains did not have to make any effort mental.

Now back to the topic of the mysterious legs, what do you see? oil? socks? painting? Tell us about it on our social networks.