Twitter loses 6 million users in a year

Twitter loses 6 million users in a year

Twitter has never been the preferred social network for internet users. Neither in Spain nor in the rest of the world. Now, in addition, it seems that the platform of the blue bird is not experiencing a user leak. According to the latest report published by Twitter, in the last year no more and no less than six million users have left . A figure that does not match at all with your income: because they increased up to 18% in the first quarter of the year.

And how can this be? Experts deduce from this pair of data that, despite the fact that the indentation of users is important, Twitter manages to stay on its feet thanks to the most loyal tweeters , who persist in the social network and who continue to use it to communicate and inform themselves.

The data we must look at is the mDAU number. That is, the number of daily monetizable active users, which are the ones who really report money to Twitter. This group increased up to 11% over the previous year, reaching the figure of 126 million worldwide.

And within the social network they have made their own analysis, of course. This growth is directly related to the product improvements that have been made in recent times and in the marketing campaigns carried out, which in this sense have been successful.


Twitter users inevitably run away

The bleeding of users has not occurred since this past year 2018, what goes. Reports reveal that tweeters have been fleeing Twitter since 2016 . Hence, those responsible for this social network did not want to offer this data, in order to communicate the number of daily monetizable active users (the so-called mDAU), which is one of the few positive figures that Twitter can offer.

Of course, if we look at this type of users, we will realize that yes, indeed, they have increased by 10% . In this way, we can verify that growth has taken place, because the number of mDAUs increased to 134 million, while in 2018 this figure only reached 126 million.

On the other hand, after the loss - inevitable and real - of the 6 million users that we mentioned at the beginning , in the first quarter the number of users remained at 330 million.


Revenues keep increasing

As we indicated, there is a data that does not go in parallel with the loss of six million users that Twitter has registered and noted in its reports. We refer to income. According to the social network itself, Twitter has managed to amass 787 million dollars during the first quarter of 2019 . This figure is 18% higher than the income it obtained in the same period of 2018, which was 665 million. If we take into account that Twitter had planned to enter 775 million, it is evident that the company would have exceeded its own expectations.

Regarding stocks, there is also good news. These have increased to 8.61% , reaching $ 37.34 each. And the forecasts for the second quarter are between 770 and 830 million dollars. We will see what happens.

At the moment, Twitter has a decisive challenge ahead: and it is to get less loyal users to stop escaping from the social network in droves. To do this, you have no choice but to make your product more attractive so that the new ones finally decide to stay and also, as do the rest of social networks, actively fight against false news or fake news that continue to roam freely everywhere. platforms.