How to disable update notifications on Android


Some Android notifications can be very annoying. If you have a terminal equipped with this operating system, whatever its version, you will know that the notifications that warn you about pending updates are the most frequent. They usually appear at the top of the computer in the notification tray and do not disappear until you update the applications in question or until you decide to remove the notifications. But, did you know that there is the possibility of deactivating these types of notifications so that your screen is not constantly full of notifications ? If you have no idea how to take this step, then we will explain how. You will see that it is very easy.


To turn off notifications, do the following:

1) Open your device and access the icon corresponding to the Play Sot , the Google application store . You will find it within the menu or on the main screen, if you have created a shortcut.

2) Once inside, go to the home screen and click on the menu icon, located in the upper left corner. Select the Settings option .

3) Within the Settings submenu you will find two options related to notifications. The first one indicates Available updates (Receive notifications when there are updates to my applications) . Uncheck this box if you don't want to receive it.

4) The second one corresponds to the Automatic Update function . To deactivate it, tap on the box to Receive a notification when applications are automatically updated .

5) On the other hand, you can also decide whether or not you want to update automatically. Inside the General section and say the following "Update automatically" . In this case you can select the option "Do not update applications automatically" , although you should know that you can also choose either of these two: "Update applications automatically at any time. Data charges may apply ” or “ Automatically update apps over WiFi only ” .

6) And this has been it. The changes will be saved automatically, so you won't have to click on any other button. Just go back to turn off the phone or keep doing what you were up to.

Finally, remember that if at any time you want to reactivate these notifications , all you will have to do is return to this same configuration space and check the boxes again.