Sonos Boost, create a powerful wireless network for your Sonos devices

Sonos Boost

The Sonos Boost is an accessory designed to enhance the on-demand music from Sonos at home. A small device that syncs with the router and creates its own wireless network to connect other company products such as sound bars or speakers. This network is comparable in power to a business environment and doubles the performance of the Sonos Bridge . In this way, we can enjoy a clear signal even in those rooms where the WiFi used to arrive very weak. Also, if we have installed a wireless Home Cinema system , the Sonos BoostIt will allow us to reduce the latency between the TV and the soundbar and the speakers to very low levels. This equipment can already be found on the market for a price of 100 euros. We tell you all the details.

The American company has wanted to go one step further in its powerful home audio system. The Sonos Boost is a very compact device that connects to the router and creates its own WiFi network. This network is designed for us to connect the different components of the Sonos on demand music . The first advantage is found in the power reached by the Boost signal . This device is able to match the performance of business networks, thanks to the use of three external antennas that transmit the signal in all directions. This power is used to cross obstacles such as walls and reach those rooms where the WiFi signal is weaker.

Sonos Boost

But in addition, another of the great advantages with which the Boost is presented is its ability to cancel out interference from other domestic devices that use the 2.4 GHz bandwidth. Some examples of this equipment are cordless phones or monitors of babies, among others. Without a doubt, it is an excellent application for the signal to reach our Sonos devices clearly. Although the main use of Boost is to channel communication between the brand's equipment, it also incorporates a pair of Ethernet ports to connect other household devices and connect to the network (computers, network hard drives ”¦).

Another point that the firm has wanted to highlight is its ability to improve the performance of a home cinema with the Playbar soundbar and Sub subwoofer connected wirelessly to the rest of Sonos speakers , by reducing the latency between the system components. . As is customary with these devices, all Boost settings can be easily and intuitively managed through the Sonos Controller app. This tool is available for Android smartphones and tablets , iPhone and iPad , PC and Mac computers .

Regarding the design of this device, its compact and square size with rounded corners stands out. Its dimensions of 11.5 x 11.5 x 3.5 centimeters and its weight of 191 grams facilitate its installation in any corner of the house. it can be found on the market for a price of 100 euros.