A review of all the Samsung Galaxy S10 accessories you can buy

A review of all the accessories you can buy with your Samsung Galaxy S10

The new Samsung Galaxy S10 is already among us and on the official Samsung website we can order it to be the first to receive it. Starting with a price of 760 euros for the cheapest version (Samsung Galaxy S10e) and reaching 1,609 euros (Samsung Galaxy S10 +), the high-end of the Korean brand deserves to be accompanied by a good selection of accessories and accessories that prolong its life . If a cover is necessary for our mobiles, when we talk about terminals that reach a thousand euros, they become essential.

What is the selection of accessories we have available for the new Samsung high-end? Below we list them all so that you can choose the one that best suits your style.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Accessories

Clear View Cover

Thanks to this cover, you will be able to see the notifications of your Samsung Galaxy S10 as well as the music player without having to open it. Ideal for those who are in a hurry and need to be aware of everything, while having their mobile perfectly protected. You can buy it at a price of 50 euros . Only available, in black, for the Samsung Galaxy S10 model.

Led View Cover

A cover that lights up to notify the user that they have received new notifications through LED icons that the user can choose. Only available in black for the Samsung Galaxy S10 + model at a price of 65 euros .

samsung cover

Leather Cover

For lovers of the most luxurious protection, Samsung presents its leather case, with ambient lighting and customizable icons on the back of the device. It's made of calf leather and with aluminum buttons. This case is available in several colors and only for the most luxurious of the range, the Samsung Galaxy S10 +, in two different models, with a price of 55 euros and 50 euros in black and skin color respectively.

leather cover

Protective Standing Cover

A cover that is both protection and support for your mobile device. Thanks to its innovative design, if you are especially clumsy with your mobile, you can save it from falls and bumps. In addition, thanks to the rear support, we can place the mobile in two different viewing angles. Available only for the Samsung Galaxy S1o + in two colors, black and gray, and at a price of 35 euros .

Silicon Cover

The most conventional case of all those offered by the official Samsung store. Its silicone material offers a precise, soft and comfortable grip in the hand that will prevent more than one fall. It is available in coral color for the Samsung Galaxy S10 + at a price of 30 euros .

silicon cover

Wireless charger and battery

The new Wireless Charger Duo Pad is capable of quickly charging both your new Samsung Galaxy S10 and the new Samsung Galaxy Watch Active smartwatch. We also have a wireless battery that we can transport and that has 10,000 mAh, although you can also use it with cable. The wireless charger is not yet available and the battery can be purchased for 50 euros .

wireless chargers samsung galaxy s10

Galaxy Buds and Watch Active

With regard to headphones and smart watch we have already given a good account on our pages. On the one hand, it is about new headphones on the air with which we can make calls. On the other hand, with the new Samsung Galaxy Watch Active you will be able to record all your physical activity, a device specially designed for Samsung's new high-end range.