CPU-Z, program to view the characteristics of the computer

CPU-Z, program to view the characteristics of the computer 1

CPU-Z is a free application that shows us information about the hardware of our equipment. It is a very light program (it occupies only 862 KB ) and does not require installation , it is simply copied to the hard disk and the file is executed without installing anything additional and without leaving a trace in the Windows registry. The latest version of CPU-Z is 1.58.8 . We tell you the details and we provide you with the download link at the end of the article.

CPU-Z is presented in a simple interface with 7 information tabs. In " CPU " it shows us the processor data : the brand and model , the type of socket (where the processor is located), the voltage at which it is currently working (which may vary depending on the use that is being given to the equipment) . We can also see the number of cores , the frequency (speed) at which the equipment is working at the given moment and some more data. In " Caches " it gives us the size and description of the different available caches.

CPU-Z, program to view the characteristics of the computer 2

In " Mainboard " we will see the information about the motherboard , showing us the brand and model of the chipset. It also shows the BIOS model and date as well as the graphical interface type (type of graphics card slot) of the motherboard. In the " Memory " tab we have the general information of the RAM memory such as the type and the total size. In " SPD " we can see the characteristics, latency table (which shows us the performance) and voltages of each memory module separately in the event that we have more than one, ordered by the slot in which they are located.

CPU-Z shows us in the " Graphics " tab the basic details of the graphics card of our equipment, showing the model and memory , among others . Finally, in “ About ” we will see the version and details of the program itself, as well as the version of the operating system and DirectX installed. You also have the option of creating a report with all the data of our team in a text file or as HTML. In short, it is a light program, useful to see the technical characteristics of our equipment.

Download CPU-Z from the official website