How to get a temporary email account to get rid of spam

less spam

It is not always interesting to provide the usual email address . The ideal is to protect it from spam and unwanted messages. To register on any website it is necessary to enter an e-mail. Many Internet users doubt if they are interested, because then the price that is paid is to end the mailbox full of junk mail . So it never hurts to know where and how to get a throwaway email account . There are several alternatives on the Internet that offer, free of charge, the possibility of creating temporary email addresses . They allow you to receive messages for a limited period of time, enough for many tasks.


This website allows you to create a maximum of 300 disposable mailboxes for a free account. Messages sent to those temporary mailboxes are forwarded to the user's real email account. The duration is between one day and one month. Once the deadline has passed, the temporary e-mail is deleted and not all incoming messages are rejected. It is also possible to set a limit for the number of messages that can be received (between 1 and 10 for the free mode). The user can choose to be notified when an account has expired.


2) YopMail

Free, anonymous and disposable e-mail service. You do not need to provide any information, or fill in any form to use it. Simply enter any word followed by @ and you can check your email. The messages are kept for eight days in YopMail , and the user can forward those that interest him to his usual e-mail.

3) Mailinator

It is another web service that offers temporary email addresses that does not require any kind of registration either. Any address, with any combination of letters and / or numbers followed by @, is valid. Mailboxes are created automatically when a message arrives. Another of its strengths is that it allows you to consult your inbox not only from the Mailinator website , but also through RSS or Atom news readers. It only supports a dozen messages at a time.

4) MailCatch

It is a free web service that does not require providing an email address. For the mailbox, just choose any name followed by @ If the user doesn't know which one to use, they can fall back on the random addresses that the site generates. The received messages can also be accessed via RSS news reader. Of course, MailCatch saves messages for a short time, between a few hours and a few days, depending on the traffic.

5) Less Spam

It is an add-on for the Firefox browser that creates temporary email accounts. Less Spam uses temporary e-mail services such as Mailinator or YoupMail, among others, to generate the addresses. The operation is simple. When the user is browsing a website that asks them to enter an email address, they click on the box and select Less Spam to create a disposable mailbox. Its great advantage is that it always generates the same address for the same website, so the user does not need to remember it. Of course, never use the same in two places. Additionally, you can quickly review messages in temporary mailboxes.