Android 6.0 will allow you to easily take screenshots

Android screenshots

The Google Now application has been updated in Android 6.0 incorporating some obvious improvements. Although the platform has not yet begun to be deployed in the vast majority of phones equipped with the system, we are seeing how it is gradually being perfected for the convenience of users. From this update, in fact, screenshots can be taken very easily, directly from the interface itself.

As reported by , as of Android 6.0, Google Now on Tap (the Google menu that is displayed when you press and hold the start button of our terminal) has an option, in the lower left part of menu, which offers the possibility of taking a screenshot and then being able to share it in other applications ( Facebook, WhatsApp, Gmail, Twitter, Instagram …). What is intended to achieve with this is that users do not have to search too much, with the loss of time that this implies, to take a screenshot with their phone.

Android 6.0 will allow you to easily take screenshots 1

The fact of being able to have its own function in the Android 6.0 Marshamallow interface is always going to be better than looking for the option in each device model, or making a specific combination with the keys on our phone. It is faster and facilitates the process of later sharing that capture with our friends on social networks or through other messaging applications. For its part, the screenshot obtained with this procedure will not be saved directly in the internal memory of the mobile, it will be temporarily available to be shared on the spot.

As we say, this novelty of Google Now (version 5.7.13) has not reached Android 5.0, we only find it from Android 6.0. We will have to wait, therefore, for our device to be updated to be able to use it. Meanwhile, the procedure to follow to take screenshots of the screen manually remains the same as always : press and hold the power button and the volume down button simultaneously.

Currently there are not too many terminals ruled by Marshmallow. The platform is in the Nexus of Google and models that have been launched her directly, as in the case of the HTC One A9. It is expected that little by little it will land on current models of manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony or Motorola . The Motorola Moto X Style , one of the company's latest devices, recently began to arrive . Therefore, the rollout will become more noticeable early / mid next year. In addition to the ability to capture much faster, users who upgrade to MarshmallowThey will also be able to enjoy new functions such as Doze , Now on Tap or Android Pay (a new payment system that is integrated directly into the platform).