iPod Touch - Thoroughly


A couple of weeks ago this phone without Apple phone has arrived in Spain . And is that the iPod Touch brings together all the features of the iPhone , except the ability to call by phone (well , and without Bluetooth or camera ). During these last days we have been testing this touch device for music, photos, videos and the Internet in its version with 16 gigabytes of internal memory . A gadget that exudes design on all four sides (even the box, it must be admitted, is perfect).

A more "finite" iPhone

By having fewer features than its "older brother", this iPod Touch requires fewer internal components and has even more portable measurements: 120 grams of weight and just 8 millimeters thick . Except for two external buttons to turn the screen or device on and off and "go back in the menus", all control is done from its exquisite 3.5-inch touch screen , very bright and surprisingly sharp .

A screen with which to operate this iPod is a whole new experience. Not only because we access here and there by pressing directly with the finger . We can also move in all directions by sliding the tip of the index finger on its surface . Or zoom in : just “double click ” (yes, but with your finger) on any point on the screen to zoom in or out.

We can also do the latter in a more gradual way: if we "pinch" the screen , we move away; by doing the opposite movement, we get closer. And what to say about the last touch: just by turning it in our hand, the display changes to portrait or landscape (except in videos, which are always seen in panoramic).


Much memory and little discomfort

16 gigas give us 4,000 MP3 songs , 16,000 photos in high resolution or slightly more than 25 films in format DivX (the most economical option with 8 gigabytes of memory provides half, which is not small feat). Memory enough for a pocket media player that has a good sound quality and fast loading videos (including Youtube ).

Another great step forward of the iPod Touch compared to other equipment on the market is that it can connect via Wi-Fi to our wireless network to surf the Internet. And it must be said that, once the Network has been selected (and the password has been entered if required), the connection is almost instantaneous . The speed to load the pages, without being that of a computer, is surprising for such a small device.

And there are no conflicts if, when moving around a web, we use a link as a support point? From now on we guarantee you not. What's more, you can leave your finger on the link for an eternity, that until you take it off the screen, it will not open . A sub-window will simply appear with the url and the name of the page . If you drag your finger afterwards, you will stay on the same page and the view will scroll in the indicated direction. If you pick it up, the link will open on a separate page .


Who wants an iPod Touch?

Fans of listening to music outside the home and using all kinds of pocket facilities. Yes. As long as you don't mind paying extra for the design (excellent) and the super easy use. Keep in mind that the 8 gig version of this iPod Touch costs 290 euros . Potential iPhone buyers also enter this field (especially those who do not have the patience to wait for it to arrive in Spain). But also those who only want a pocket player-browser , and who are not so impressed by the telephone function.


For now, all we have said are strong points: impressive design, easy, intuitive and spectacularly pleasant use, pocket dimensions, touch screen, good memory, very decent Wi-Fi connection ... To this we add the direct access in the main menu to Youtube and autonomy : 22 hours of music or 5 hours of video , as long as we are not connected by Wi-Fi . But there are also things to object, now we go with it.

ipod touch

It can improve

In spite of everything, at tuexperto.com we still think that all music players, and especially high-end ones, should have an integrated radio tuner . The 3.5-inch screen limits us for some things like handling the Internet. When writing text, to enter an address or enter the network password, you must use an on-screen QWERTY keyboard whose handling is frustrating (especially for those with big fingers)

Apple has not wanted to resort to a sliding physical keyboard, which is much more comfortable, perhaps to maintain the ultra-thin design. But you could also have thought that the zoom could be applied on the keyboard itself, or made it larger and with the keys further apart.

We must also mention the little "buts" that both the iPhone and other iPods bring with them. The headphone jack , as we have said before, follows the standard of 3.5 millimeters , but his cupped shape prevents the correct coupling of many models (though curiously, with several headphones Creative , direct compentencia of Apple , the thing it worked like a charm).

This is a direct consequence of Apple's own commercial strategy : if something that comes in the product box breaks (in this case the headphones), it is best to replace it with a product also from Apple . In the same way, to put songs or videos on the device, we have to use iTunes (which in turn politely invites us to buy songs online from the iTunes Store ).

A respectable strategy that some manufacturers are trying to target. But if the philosophy is to make it easy for the user, why not allow them to transfer the files directly, without installing or learning to use additional software , simply by plugging the device into the USB port as we do with a pendrive ? Business is business.


Plugin Recommendations

In addition to the usual assortment of hardware and software accessories from Apple itself ( iTunes , iPod Docks ...), it would not hurt to have a headphone adapter . And by the way, the screen and, above all, the metallic gray casing, are very easy to get dirty. As we are not willing to advise you on a product as absurd as rubber fingers , our best recommendation is that you have clean hands when you use the iPod Touch and that you clean it regularly with the special cloth that comes in the box itself.


290/390 euros (8/16 GB)

Data sheet

Weight and measurements110 x 61.8 x 8 mm

120 grams

Memory8 / 16GB internal flash memory
screen3.5 inch multitouch (480 x 320 pixels)

163 pixels per inch

MultimediaImages: JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, PSD (Mac only) and PNG

Music player: MP3 / ACC / WAV

Video player: m4v, mp4, mov, MPEG-4 (H.264 codec)

30 frames per second

ControlsTouch interface

OS X Operating System

2 buttons (on, off, turn back)


Safari browser

Connectivity3.5 mm headphone jack

USB 2.0 adapter

Dock connection

Wireless: Wi-Fi

Autonomy5 hours of video playback

22 hours of music playback

+ info: Apple