All the ways to pay without using cash for the coronavirus

All the ways to pay without using cash for coronavirus 1

The coronavirus has changed the way we do many things . In fact, although at some point we are completely unconfine, we will return to a world of new customs. Going through disinfectant arches, eating in restaurants with screens, consulting the menu from your mobile or stopping sharing the aperitif with friends.

The way you pay will surely never be the same again. Many of us had already become champions of credit cards and the most advantageous, of payment through mobile phones. Now that they bring us the groceries, that they bring us the bread at home or that we try to take what we need in the super fast and fast, the time has come to apply the story to ourselves.

For us and for those who serve us generously. There are other ways to pay and we must use them to avoid physical contact as much as possible. This will be the case until the coronavirus vaccine arrives . If you don't know which option to use and what alternatives you have in each case, we recommend taking a look at this guide on ways to pay without using cash.


Contactless card

Did you know that since the crisis began the COVID-19, banks have raised the limit of 20 euros to leave it at 50 and thus prevent users of debit or credit contactless have to enter codes? The aim is to avoid handling terminals and human contact with them as much as possible. Thus, if you have to go to the supermarket and you have a card of these characteristics, it will be enough for you to approach the terminal for the payment to be made. Of course, as long as the purchase does not exceed 50 euros. If the amount is higher, you will also have to enter your PIN number.

If you still do not have a card with these characteristics, you can ask the bank for it. Remember that they now attend by appointment, although most banks already offer you online banking services and telephone managers with which you can renew your card in a few days.

Samsung Pay


Many citizens had already started paying for mobile phones before all this happened. It is a fast and practical way to pay in physical stores, which avoids having to remove the wallet, the card or exchange money in cash . But, how can I activate any of these technologies to pay with my mobile? Let's see what options you have at your fingertips.

Lets start by the beginning. If you want to pay with your mobile, you must first make sure you have a device with NFC (Near Field Communication) , a technology that allows the connection and payment to be formalized by bringing the terminal closer. Several factors and members come into play in this management. Because although the bank has a part of responsibility, also the manufacturer of the mobile and the owner of the operating system have a key role.

Let's see, then, what tools we have available to pay from the phone.

Google Pay

It is the system developed by Google, although it works for both iOS and Android users. All you have to do is install the Google Pay application on your device and add your credit or debit card payment details. It is an agile, simple and secure system , with which in addition to buying with your mobile, you can also pay online. You will have the option of using it in all those establishments where you see the Google symbol and the payment symbol from the device. It is essential, yes, that your bank is compatible with Google. You can check the list of entities and cards accepted here.

Apple Pay

To use Apple Pay you must have a device from this firm. The operation is very similar to that of Google Pay, because you will also have to insert a card and you can pay, with your mobile, at any compatible establishment. In this case, it is essential that you check which banks participate in each of the countries, because in this way you will know if you can use Apple Pay with your card or not.

Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay has one of the most famous mobile payment systems that exist, in the sense that there are already many users who have joined the trend of paying by mobile. To use this technology, it will be necessary, of course, that you have a Samsung mobile equipped with NFC technology and that, in addition, you check if your bank and bank card are compatible with the system. In addition, you will have to download Samsung Pay and enter your card details. However, it is very likely that the application is already installed on the device right out of the box. From there and after configuring the application, you can easily pay from your phone, without having to take out the card or cash.


Some banks have already launched their own system to make payments through mobile phones. In this way, if you are a customer, you can download their applications directly . This is the case, for example, of Santander Wallet (Banco Santander), to make payments and go shopping; BBVA Móvil (BBVA), a payment tool integrated within the bank's own app or CaixaBank Pay (Caixabank). In the latter case, you will have to download a specific app.


Bizum and Twyp

It is one of the most practical options that you can use to pay your food suppliers without having to touch coins or bills. It will also be useful to return money to your friends or family , in case they have made a purchase for you or you need to share some type of expense. Let's start with Bizum: it is a system that works with all banks. To register, simply open your bank's app and activate the service. From there, you will only need to indicate a phone number to send the amount of money you want to anyone.

Twyp works in the same way, but it also offers the possibility of making payments from the mobile in contactless terminals and sending or claiming money from other people. Another option, worse than we would now rule out, is to withdraw cash from a store. This system is linked to ING and in order to use the app you need to have an account at that bank. If you are between 14 and 17 years old you can use Twyp, without having a bank account.