PADRE program, you can now download the program for the 2009 Income Declaration

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With the arrival of good weather, also comes the time to meet our fiscal obligations , or what is the same, filing the income corresponding to the year 2009 . In this sense, the Tax Agency makes the PADRE program available to the user every year , a downloadable application through the Internet that helps us fill in all the information regarding the  personal and economic data that we have to present to the Ministry of Finance, up to next Tuesday June 30 of this same 2010 .

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To download the PADRE program, follow these steps:

1) Access the Tax Agency page , in the 2009 Income section .

2) Click on the link that allows you to download the 2009 Income Assistance Program (PADRE) .

3) Before downloading the program , you should make sure that you have a Java Virtual Machine that is compatible with Sun's JRE version 1.6 .

4) Select the download that suits you best , according to the operating system that your computer has installed: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X or other older Windows systems (98 or Millenium) .

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Once you have downloaded the program , you can install it in just a minute. To execute it, click on the location where it has been saved and you can start filling out your Income Statement . The deadline for submitting returns begins on May 4 and ends on June 30 , 2010.