The 15 most original aquariums (part 1)


The Internet is an inexhaustible source of curiosities and surprises. In this case we have compiled up to fifteen aquariums as original as they are extravagant . Some even have to do with state-of-the-art electronic inventions, like the following aquarium that wanted to be an iPod :

1.- iPond, the aquarium that wanted to be an iPod:

First we have the iPond , which we can see a little higher. Although its size is rather small , its shape will be very familiar to us. And it is that it simulates the same design as the iPod , the well-known multimedia player from Apple . But in this case, this peculiar aquarium will not only serve us to carry a colorful little fish, it is also a speaker . In this way, we will only have to connect the cable that is incorporated into the headphone input of our player to listen to music . And if we like it, we are in luck, as it can be purchased for about 45 euros , minnow not included.

2.- Macquarium, another aquarium in honor of the apple brand:


The second design in question is the Macquarium, an aquarium with the logo of the Apple brand . In this case, it does not have any separate functionality, as it only serves as a habitat for fish. But it stands out for its design, simple, elegant, and with the Apple logo on the front. However, as it is a handmade aquarium, it is not for sale . Unless we find the user who created it and ask for another.

3.- Infinity Aquarium, the infinite labyrinthine aquarium:


The third aquarium that we found, is called Infinity Aquarium , and it has a more interesting and peculiar design. And it is that it is an aquarium that simulates the shape of the infinity symbol, in 3 dimensions . Of course, instead of curved shapes, it is made in a more polygonal shape, so that it can stand upright. Although that does not mean that it is an aquarium to make our fish dizzy , with its original shape.

4.- Aquarium Coffee Table, to have coffee with the fish:


Fourth, we have the Aquarium Coffee Table , and it is nothing more and nothing less than a table with a built-in aquarium . Thus, we can decorate our living room with an aquarium, without taking up space, as we will take advantage of the space that remains under the table. And if we like how it looks, we can always make one ourselves .

5.- Bath Tub Aquarium, a bathtub decorated with fish:


If what we like is to bathe with the fish, nothing better than this aquarium. It is the Bath Tub Aquarium , and it is actually a double bottom bathtub. In this way, we can simulate bathing with the fish, without having to worry about them .