Google Maps will allow you to share your battery level with the location

Google Maps will allow you to share your battery level with the location

Where are you? Have you arrived yet? How do you feel? If you have a book mother, you have most likely recognized her in these questions. Well, it seems that Google has come to make life a little easier and quieter, if possible, for our parents. And in general, to all the people who care about us and those who care about others.

Google Maps will allow users to share the battery level alongside their location on the map . If you are one of those who usually send their location to others through Google Maps, you will like this new feature that Google has just released.

Android Police has discovered that Google Maps will soon allow Android and iOS users to share their mobile battery level . In this way, you can offer your family, friends and relatives extra information about how you are doing or what your situation is.

Perhaps in this way, knowing that you have a low battery level, they can understand why you do not answer their calls . And stop worrying unnecessarily about yourself.

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It's just that I don't pick up the phone

Users who wish can share with their contacts where they are on the map . Those who have received the message will then get a map and have a chance to locate which exact street or point on the terrain you are on (or were the last time you posted the location).

If they also have the option of verifying that their battery level at that time was a very poor 2%, it will be easy to deduce that the reason why that person has the mobile off . And that if he does not respond to our calls or WhatsApp messages, it is probably because the phone's battery has not been able to resist anymore.

This characteristic was discovered as probable in February of this same year. Enough time has passed that the Google team has had time to introduce it to the common user.

The ability to share battery level along with location information should be released shortly for both iOS and Android . It will be necessary, yes, that you update the application to a new version.