The best GIFs and memes of the week

The best GIFs and memes of the week

The week comes to an end. For many it has been absolutely exhausting. And is not for less. Because this has been, for many, a week to sink elbows . Not surprisingly, in some autonomous communities the first selectivity exams were held.

However, a month begins which is, par excellence, the month of students. The vast majority are facing the final stretch of the course, with a lot of evaluations ahead . Hence, the memes that are circulating these days are directly related to the ordeal that children go through - and those who are not so much anymore - before reaching the long-awaited vacation.

And speaking of vacations, it is also time to talk about heat. Because after a few days of rain and changing temperatures, the weather forecasts indicate that our first summer wave of heat arrives . So much so that half of Spain will be on a red alert for high temperatures this weekend.

We also finish with the news of the week. The icing on the cake, we would say. Because Puigdemont has announced the date of the referendum and the question of the unilateral way. Twitter has caught fire and there have been no shortage of memes to laugh a little (or a lot) at the matter . Are you going to miss them?

The best GIFs and memes of week 1

The exams is a drink for anyone. But surely there is nothing worse than being engrossed there, in your lengthy answer about the Napoleonic conquests, and not having realized that it is time. Does that "five minutes and I pick up tests" sound familiar to you?

The best GIFs and memes of week 2

An exam would not be an exam if the one who has studied the least in the class does not ask this. Professor, is the exam easy? Nor would it be an exam if the teacher did not answer that it is very easy, especially for those who have studied. The looming catastrophe is of a greater magnitude.

The best GIFs and memes of week 3

Vale has caught the bull. You haven't opened the book any more than the night before. Well, you know what the formula for success is, if it occurs. The key is to have, above all, a lot, a lot of FAITH. 

The best GIFs and memes of week 4

Unfortunately, end-of-year exams are associated with something else just as annoying: high temperatures. For this weekend, more than half of Spain is expected to be on alert due to the heat. Be very careful with the trips, especially if they are by land.

The best GIFs and memes of week 5

Strolling around the center and going into a store to take a look at that dress you have signed is a real danger. Especially if it is in summer. And we don't say it because of the sales. But because of the jet of air conditioning that comes out of the shops. 

The best GIFs and memes of week 6

Maybe tomorrow at three o'clock in the afternoon, you no longer can with your life. And you are such that you are on the deck chair on your terrace. If it is that with those temperatures one is not a person or nothing. Mental state: melted.

-Puigdemont what's up now?

-Announce the #referendumCAT

-And then?

-Call for elections

-And then?


-And then?


- Froilán I from Spain (@FroilLannister) June 9, 2017

One of the news that has come out this morning and that is taking over all the media on Friday is, without a doubt, that of the referendum in Catalonia. Puigdemont has called for the unilateral route, but the truth is that this already looks a lot like Groundhog Day. And that's how the tweets reflect it.

It is not necessary to apply Article 155, you send Zapatero to the referendum as an international observer and he fucks everything, fixed. #ReferendumCAT

- Paco (@ pacotor76) June 9, 2017

But beware, like he went to Venezuela, Zapatero could run as an international observer .

Netflix renews El Procés for a 7th season. Discover all the news here! #referendumCAT # República //

- On Thursday (@eljueves) June 9, 2017

Yes, we have already said that El Procés looks like Groundhog Day. According to El Jueves, Netflix has proposed to renew for a seventh season . It is, without a doubt, the longest-running national series we've ever seen.

Be that as it may, you are anxious about the referendum, hot or tired of taking exams, you must not forget that today is Friday. Nothing like throwing everything away when the last hour of the day arrives ...

This is exactly what many are going to do when they get home today and realize that it is a fantastic time to go out and have a good time. You don't have to waste a minute. 

Although if you prefer, nothing like forgetting your business mobile on a Friday afternoon . Feel like it, right? Happy weekend!