Denon AVR-X500, entry-level multi-channel receiver

denon avr-x500

The Denon AVR-X500 is an A / V receiver that can upscale lower quality video sources to 1080p when using the HDMI output. This type of connection is also compatible with 3D video . On the front there is a volume wheel and several direct access buttons for quick selection of sources. The display shows the information in large characters so that they are well legible. It has little depth, for what is usual in this category of products. That will help to place it inside the room. One of the HDMI inputs is located on the front , so that it is easier to access the movies stored on a camera or tablet. And next to it is the auxiliary audio input with stereo minijack connector (3.5 mm), valid for an MP3 player or any portable audio player.

It offers 5.1 channels and supplies an RMS power output of 75 watts per channel.It can decode high definition audio formats widely used in Blu-ray movie editions such as DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD . In-house engineers have included 192 kHz 24-bit DAC (digital to analog) converters for all channels. The design of the circuitry has been made so that the audio and video signals have the shortest possible path. On the other hand, for compressed music the user can apply a special system that tries to recover the lost frequencies that were present in the original; just press a button on the remote control. The built-in radio tuner is Frequency Modulated (FM ).

denon avr-x500

This Denon has four inputs and one HDMI output . It does not have to be on to let the signal pass through these connections, it can be on hold. By the way, the consumption in standby mode is 0.3 W. The connectivity is completed with two inputs and one composite video output , two optical digital audio inputs, three analog audio inputs, a pre-amplified subwoofer output, speaker outputs for five channels, and a headphone output.

The supplied remote control is very simple. Anyway, it includes eight dedicated keys to access the sources. There is a dedicated button for late-night viewing sessions that increases the clarity of dialogue and sound effects in movies, working at low volumes. The menu is simpleto navigate and includes a graphical interface with many visual aids to allow a quick configuration of the equipment. To facilitate the routing of cables, especially those corresponding to speakers, the manufacturer has color-coded the connections on the rear panel. Inside the box already several labels so that the user can in turn mark the speaker cables and HDMI cables. It weighs 7.9 kilos and measures 434 by 151 and by 319 millimeters. It is only available in black. It is possible to find the Denon AVR-X500 in stores in our country at a retail price of 340 euros.