20 Japanese, Chinese or Korean series to watch on Netflix


The Netflix online service has a wide catalog of series and movies that you can watch at any time . Although many contents are quite popular or fashionable, there are also many less known that are worth watching.

We suggest, for example, to investigate a little the different options for Asian series. They come in many styles and different themes, and are available with Spanish subtitles. Here we leave you our selection of 20 Japanese, Chinese or Korean series that you can watch on Netflix .

1. Madame Antoine (Korean romantic comedy)

In this curious 15-episode comedy, we find ourselves in a rather peculiar situation. On the one hand, a fortune teller reading the future in a humble café; on the other, a prestigious and arrogant psychologist who installs his cabinet just above the café .

The most striking thing is that both the coffee and the cabinet are called the same. The friction between the characters, as is logical, only brings problems, although both are "doomed" to fall in love.

The secondary characters are quite funny, and the series hooks like just another soap opera while we wait for the protagonists to finally consolidate a relationship. Although it will only be possible if the psychologist gives up an important experiment on love.

In summary: Madame Antoine is a funny comedy, to pass the time, although sometimes it seems too "silly". It's worth it if you like soap operas without having to get hooked on hundreds of episodes .

2. Man to Man, a Korean spy-bodyguard

Man to Man is another of the Korean series that we can find on the platform. Produced by Netflix itself, the story aims to link romantic touches with scenes of action and intrigue.

The series tells the story of a famous actor who needs protection. To do this, he hires a bodyguard who turns out to be a character with a rather complicated past. The bodyguard is trained as a secret agent , and the plot begins to mix the mystery and action parts with the romantic ones.

It is also revealed little by little that the movie star keeps a secret about his past. And we participate in a parallel plot of a mother desperate to recover her kidnapped son .

3. Good Morning Call, Japanese series for teens

Young teenagers who were hooked on "Rebelde," "Rebelde Way," etc., may find a pretty entertaining Japanese option in this series.

Good Morning Call tells the story of two young people with very different personalities who are forced to live together through no fault of their own. The main character's parents go to a rural area because they have inherited a farm from her grandfather, and the girl is left to live alone in an apartment in the city .

The most complicated thing is that the same apartment has been rented to someone else : another very attractive and popular teenager who does not leave the protagonist indifferent.

4. Ice Fantasy, Chinese epic fantasy series

For lovers of the aesthetics of The Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones, Ice Fantasy is a very good option to watch on Netflix. It is a Chinese series of medieval epic fantasy where there is no shortage of special effects or clashes between rival kingdoms.

At the moment the first season is available on Netflix.

5. Click Your Heart, another teen comedy option

Click Your Heart is another series for teenagers, in this case Korean. The story presents us with a very popular girl in high school , the center of attention of four boys. But ... is she really interested in flirting with any of them?

There are four suitors with very different personalities and attitudes : a childhood friend, a shy boy with a great mastery of martial arts… The soap opera is served.

6. Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories

This Japanese series, produced by Netflix, is probably the most original in terms of format. Most of the action takes place in a small late-night diner on a corner of Tokyo .

In this place, which is run by the protagonist of the series, all kinds of customers meet from midnight to 7 in the morning. From the owner's eyes we come into contact with many different characters and with a lot of different stories .

But the protagonist also has his own family history, which will be revealed little by little to complicate the plot a bit.

Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories is a striking series precisely because it is so original and different .

7. Detective Alice, Korean crime series

This series presents the story of Alice, an investigator specialized in food crimes (poisonings or the presence of drugs in food). A silent and unscrupulous detective works alongside the eccentric protagonist , willing to do all kinds of illegal actions to get to the truth about the suspects.

The series has a fairly original theme and many touches of humor, precisely because of the contrast between the personalities of the two protagonists.

8. Miss Panda & Mr. Hedgehog, Korean romantic comedy

This is quite a "nerdy" romantic series, but perfect if you are looking to get hooked on a soap opera about love.

Miss Panda & Mr. Hedgehog puts a pastry chef face to face with a cafe owner. Both have gone through bad or traumatic moments in the past, but when they meet they will rediscover love .

9. My Secret Diary

My Secret Diary or The Miracle is a Korean comedy with some more dramatic or sentimental touches. The story features two twin sisters with totally different personalities and bodies .

On the one hand we have a sister who is overweight and self-conscious about her body, while the other is thin and very popular in high school. They fight constantly until one day they wake up with their bodies changed and have to learn to understand each other.

10. Empresses in the Palace, Chinese historical series

This series is set in China in the early 18th century and features an epic drama. The protagonist is a woman chosen by the emperor to marry him, but she will soon discover that the beauty of the palace hides something else.

He soon discovers a court dotted with plots of corruption and treason and must face his doubts if he wants to change the situation in the empire.

11. The Knights of Sidonia, Japanese anime produced by Netflix

At the moment two seasons of this Japanese animated series from Netflix are available. This is the first content of this type produced by the company, which is based on a manga with the same title .

The protagonist is the last human survivor in a post-apocalyptic universe, and must seek allies to carry out difficult missions that allow him to save the future of his species.

12. Pokémon: Indigo League, the quintessential Japanese series for nostalgics

If you are one of the nostalgic people and want to enjoy the original Pokémon series again ... you can do it on Netflix! Many fans of the Pokémon universe will say that it is one of the best Japanese series ever ...

pokemon indigo series netflix

13. Pokémon XY

In case the first great season isn't enough ...

14. Pokémon XYZ

You can also enjoy the most recent episodes of the Pokémon saga on Netflix.

15. Atelier, Japanese series produced by Netflix

The Atelier series tells the story of a new employee at Emotion, a Tokyo lingerie store . As we progress through the episodes we will get closer to the protagonist and we will get in touch with her difficulties in adjusting to her new job.

Things are also complicated by the complicated relationship he has with the owner of the brand , and that will add some touches of humor to the series.

16. Happy And…, a curious reflection on marriage

happy and series netflix

This Korean series aims to analyze the advantages and difficulties of marriages, presenting different stories from the point of view of eleven women.

17. The Sound of Your Heart, a strange Korean comedy

The protagonists of this series are a cartoonist, his girlfriend and relatives . Strange situations are guaranteed, as in any comedy of this type. Of course: you have to fit in with the style of sense of humor that they propose.

18. Gourmet Samurai: cooking ramen with a warrior soul

The protagonist of this series decides to connect with his inner samurai to shake off laziness  and regain his passion for life. After his curious experience, he begins to eat and drink what he is passionate about without any regrets.

19. K-Pop Extreme Survival, a series about Korean pop

The protagonist of this story is so obsessed with K-Pop bands that she decides to make her way into the world of this musical genre. For this she is willing to make all kinds of sacrifices, and even goes so far as to pass herself off as a man to better integrate.

20. D-Day, post-apocalyptic series set in Seoul

After a major earthquake that hits Seoul (the Korean capital), authorities and rescue specialists are working non-stop to save the population and treat the injured.

As you might expect, there is no shortage of special effects or post-apocalyptic scenery in the series.