How to prevent the Samsung Galaxy S7 from getting very hot


Few terminals seem to be saved from overheating problems , especially when we talk about the most powerful equipment on the market. This is the case of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 edge , two smartphones that have surprised by the power of their processor in performance tests.

Last year there were already problems with the temperature of the terminals that had a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 -in fact Samsung ignored this processor due to overheating problems-, something that could happen again with the current Exynos 8890 processor . According to the tests to which this terminal has been subjected in El Chapuzas Informático , the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge could have a liquid cooling system that falls a bit short for the requirement of the terminal.

And it is that when doing various tests with 3DMark Sling, which takes the terminal to the limit, after about twenty-five minutes of operation and having risen eight degrees compared to the previous tests, the terminal lowered its performance by 25% . That is to say, the Samsung Galaxy S7 itself deactivates cores or reduces their speed to lower consumption,  something that directly influences the temperature and performance .

3DMark Sling Shot

How do I keep my Samsung Galaxy S7 from getting hot?

The Galaxy S7 has liquid cooling , this is a tube heat expands along the terminal to be dissipated better. It should be borne in mind that according to the test that we mentioned above, when the device rises 8 degrees compared to the previous tests and after 15 minutes of operation, it will lower its performance first to 15% to do it to 25% when it takes about half an hour in use.

Keep in mind that these tests are made to push the terminals to the limit, with which you will hardly reach that level of demand even if you use the latest generation games. Above all, taking into account the power of a terminal such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 , which has become one of the most cutting-edge on the market.

If you still want to be careful to prevent your S7 from overheating, you can follow a series of recommendations that can be extrapolated to any other mobile phone.

- Do not use the phone while it is charging, and if you do, do not open games. This will surely cause the phone to overheat.

- The housings are also partly to blame. To get a cheap case, better to carry the phone without anything, since they are part of overheating. Always decide on an official or a recognized brand.

- Eliminate background applications. Better to do it every week or every couple of days, than once a month. Close all that you have left running in the background to avoid having applications running that we do not use.

- Be careful with the high temperatures outside. If the street is 35º, not only will your heat pass, so will your terminal.

- Install an application like SuperB Cleaner to help you avoid overheating problems.