Samsung Galaxy S5, prices and rates with Movistar

Samsung Galaxy S5 01

The Samsung Galaxy S5 will also be on sale through Movistar . So far we have known the prices and plans associated with this device through Orange and Yoigo . But what will the blue operator offer its customers? From now on we can advance that Movistar will sell the Samsung Galaxy S5 to all those who want to acquire it, whether or not they are customers of the company, with the possibility of accessing the device for a much more competent price. In this case, the phone will be sold for 600 euros for those who are interested in getting it in cash, thus getting a discount of around 100 euroswith respect to the official price of the terminal in the free market. Another option that may interest users is payment in installments. As is usual with most of its equipment, the new Samsung Galaxy S5 can be financed without interest for 24 months , although to qualify it will be necessary to be a Movistar customer .

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The device can be purchased in installments for 25 euros (VAT included) for 24 months , without having to sign any commitment to stay, beyond the time of payment of the debt. Customers who also want to obtain a discount on the purchase will have the option to participate in the Renew and Recycle program , whereby by handing over their old terminal they can obtain a discount applicable to the purchase of the Samsung Galaxy S5 . Owners of the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be able to benefit from more advantageous conditions . In this case, they will see the modified fee up to 21.40 euros per month, so they will finally benefit from a global and round discount of 84 euros . This discount will be available to those who already have a line with Movistar , but also to new clients of the company.

In return, users will have the opportunity to freely choose the rate that best suits their needs. On the one hand, they can opt for the Fusion rates , designed for those who want to combine Internet services and home and mobile telephony. Its price can range between 42 and 87 euros per month , depending on whether fiber or television services are added to the package. Those who are not interested in contracting this type of rates, may also sign up for the so-called contract rates. Total, Twenty and Zero are available , with packages of calls (even unlimited) and Internet packages to surf in a comfortable way. The price, in this case, will bebetween 11 and 42 euros per month .

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The Samsung Galaxy S5 will be on sale through  Movistar from next April 11, coinciding with the international launch of the team. The operator will have it available in black, white and blue. Like the rest of the models, it has a 5.1-inch Super AMOLED screen and a 2.5 GHz quad-core processor . It works through Android 4.4.2 KitKat and has many new elements. On one hand is resistant to water, it can function as cardiac monitor and includes a fingerprint sensor increases more than the safety of the equipment.