Pioneer DEX-P99RS, high-end equipment for the car

Pioneer DEX-P99RS, high-end car kit 1

Only the most fanatical sound fans will be able to get the most out of this team from the Japanese Pioneer . The DEX-P99RS is an excellent piece of equipment, a machine for reproducing music with the highest quality, which needs to be connected to the best in speakers in the car audio market . This head is a music player with a radio tuner , CD slot , and digital sound reproduction , which can be adjusted using a 31-band equalizer per channel .

It has a four-channel digital processor with automatic time alignment and an automatic equalizer that studies the conditions of the cabin so that the sound is at the height of its price. It processes data from CDs using four 24-bit D / A converters . Distortion is minimal. Of course, in the Pioneer catalog, it is the car stereo with the most powerful master clock.

Pioneer DEX-P99RS, high-end car kit 2

Not all music has to be stored on a CD . It can be on an iPod or iPhone , but also on a USB memory key . Support doesn't matter. What really influences the sound quality is its sound recovery circuitry , which partly restores some of those frequencies that are dropped during the compression process. The construction is resistant, with very precise mechanisms. The appearance of the device is also very attractive .

It has a copper chassis , and gold-plated connections . The frontal aluminum and acrylic reveals a LCD screen where data appears as the station being tuned to the song title. The remote is stylish, sturdy, well-built, and discreet. The control is so high that it is possible to operate the iPod or iPhone functions directly from the radioCD head . By the way, the USB port is connected directly to the digital processor so there is no loss of sound during data transmission. It also allows a very precise manual tuning of each of the frequencies.