11 Netflix tricks to get the most out of your series and movies online

11 Netflix tricks to get the most out of your series and movies online

Netflix is one of the most widely used streaming video services in the world . So much so that he makes his own productions, generally of a high quality. We all know series like Narcos, Daredevil or Stranger Things. In addition, we can see it from practically any device on the market. And, although its interface is not as good as it could be, its use is very simple. At least its basic use.

However, the Netflix service hides some tricks that most users do not know. They may not be necessary for basic use, but they will allow us to get the most out of this video on demand platform. That is why we want to tell you 11 Netflix tricks to make the most of the service . We started!

1. Clear history

11 Netflix delete history tricks

Netflix keeps a history of everything we have seen on the platform. This helps you to personalize the content you offer us. However, this history can be deleted . For this you have to enter Account - My profile - My activity, or directly on this page. Once here we will see the list of content that we have seen. By clicking on the X on the right side we will delete it. If we click on a chapter of a series, the application will offer us to erase all the chapters of the series from the history.

Why would we want to delete the history? On the one hand, in case the content it offers us is not to our liking. It is a way of “starting from scratch”. And, on the other hand, in case we want to eliminate that movie that we are ashamed to admit that we have seen .

2. Empty the buffer

Any video streaming platform loads the content in advance for smooth playback. It is what is known as a buffer. If your data downloads are too many, it can occur that prevents saturation load the next few minutes of the video . This will take us to a reproduction with constant stops.

To solve it we can try to empty the buffer . The way to do it differs depending on which device we are watching Netflix on:

  • If we are on a computer we will have to press Control + Alt + Shift + S (if you use Mac change Alt for Option)
  • If we are on a Smart TV, we can use a series of movements on the remote to clear the buffer: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, up, up, up, up.
  • If we see it on an Apple TV or any other device, we will have to access the account settings from a computer and set the "Playback Settings" option to automatic.

3. Activate parental control

11 Netflix parental control tricks

If we have children at home, activating parental control is basic . But it is also very simple. From a computer we will have to go to My account and then enter Settings. Here you will see the option "Parental Control". It will ask us for a four-digit PIN. Once put, we can decide if the account has access to content for adults, for those over 12, 7 or for all audiences.

4. Check who is using our account

11 Netflix access tricks

Suddenly you go to Netflix and it recommends a show you would never have seen. Or you want to enter and it tells you that the maximum number of sessions has been exceeded. What happen? Clearly someone is using your account. For these cases, Netflix gives us the possibility to see recent accesses to our account .

To do this we have to go to the My Activity page, the one we saw in point 1. Once here, just above the history, we have a link to see the most recent accesses. On this page we can see the time, location and the device with which it has been accessed .

Do you have an intruder? No problem, it can be fixed. We will go to the Account and in the Configuration part we will have a link to “Close session on all devices” . Once this is done, if we suspect unauthorized access, the ideal would be to change the password.

5. Set video quality

11 tricks Netflix access quality playback

Although we always want to see the highest quality content possible, on certain occasions it may not be possible . If we have a bad Internet connection, we are using mobile data or hotel WiFi, we may not have enough "power" to watch HD channels.

Netflix offers us the possibility to configure the video quality with which we will reproduce . For this we will have to go to our account and enter "My profile". Here we will see an option that says "Playback Settings". By default it is set to "Auto", but we can set it to Low, Medium or High.

Here we can also disable the playback of the next chapter automatically .

6. Customize the subtitles

11 Netflix subtitles tricks

By default, Netflix subtitles are quite readable and not very annoying. But, even so, they may not be to our personal taste. No problem, they can also be changed . To do so, we will go to the account, enter "My profile" and then "Appearance of subtitles".

Netflix allows us to customize the size, font, and shading . Once we have them to our liking we just have to save. The change will apply to all devices using that account.

7. Watch a series or movie accompanied

Even if we are alone at home, there are services that allow us to enjoy Netflix with our friends. One of the most attractive is Showgoers. This Google Chrome browser extension allows us to watch any Netflix content with our friends over the Internet .

Video playback is synchronized so all “guests” see the same thing at the same time. In addition, it includes a small chat where we can comment on what we see . A great way to watch a series or movie in company without having to be physically together.

8. Find out what's new

11 new Netflix tricks

The Netflix catalog is immense, much larger than what we see on the main screen. For this reason, it is sometimes very difficult to find out about all the news that the platform includes.

But luckily, for that we have some external services that inform us. One of the best known is Upflix, an application available for iOS and Android. This application will inform us of all the news that appear in the Netflix catalog . In addition, it will also show us the ratings of the content, we can make lists of favorites and be aware of related news.

9. Keyboard shortcuts

If you use Netflix from a computer, you can use a series of keyboard shortcuts to control playback . Also to execute other options. Here's a summary:

  • Space: Play and pause
  • Shift + Left Arrow: Back
  • Shift + Right Arrow: Advance
  • F: Full screen
  • Esc: Exit full screen
  • Up and down arrows: volume up and down
  • M: Mute

Being in full screen we also have other very useful shortcuts:

  • CTRL + Space: Pause the playback and advance little by little using the arrows
  • CTRL + Shift + Alt + M: The menu appears
  • CTRL + Shift + Alt + P: Show playback information
  • CTRL + Shift + Alt + C: The frame rate appears
  • CTRL + Shift + Alt + S: Shows the bitrate

10. How to ask Netflix to incorporate a series or movie

11 Netflix tricks to add series or movie

Although the Netflix catalog is very extensive, our favorite series or movie may not be included. If so, we have the possibility to ask Netflix to include it .

Logically it is a suggestion that will not always come to fruition. But hey, maybe there are many users who ask for it and in the end they include it. To make the request you have to enter this page and fill in the form.

11. Search in hidden categories

11 tricks Netflix hidden categories

And we end up with one of the most curious tricks you will see. As you may already know, Netflix has a wide variety of categories to divide the content. Many of these categories are accessible from the main page, but others are not. It turns out that Netflix incorporates many more categories than we can see with the naked eye . According to the company, these help to make a better classification of the content internally.

However, there is a way to access these categories. From the browser we will have to enter the following web page:


The final three Xs must be replaced by a numeric code . This code is the one that will correspond to each category. The list of codes is immense and there are several fans who have made long lists of categories. Here are some curious examples:

  • Code 8195 -> Series B Horror Movies
  • Code 75804 -> Vampire Movies
  • Code 3761 -> African Movies
  • Code 67879 -> Korean series
  • Code 11567 -> Russian Movies
  • Code 6998 -> Satanic Movies
  • Code 10118 -> Movies based on comics and superheroes
  • Code 7627 -> Cult Movies
  • Code 10005 -> Religious Documentaries
  • Code 58741 -> Spanish movies
  • Code 9327 -> Sports and Fitness
  • Code 67673 -> Disney Movies
  • Code 10659 -> Educational series for children
  • Code 48744 -> Classic War Movies
  • Code 11881 -> Animation series for adults
  • Code 12443 -> Boxing Movies
  • Code 10757 -> British Movies
  • Code 9434 -> Cult comedies
  • Code 52858 -> Epic Movies

And these are just a small sample of what we can find . We invite you to Google “hidden category codes Netflix” or something similar. You will be amazed by the number of codes and their classification.

These codes work perfectly on the Spanish version of Netflix . However, with a smaller catalog than the North American version, some categories may not have content.

And here are the 11 tricks for you to get the most out of Netflix . Do you know any more? Let us know in the comments.