YouTube, the five favorite videos of Pedro Almodóvar


YouTube has celebrated its  fifth birthday in style. So much so that even the mismísmo Pedro Almodóvar has participated in the celebration , announcing which five videos are preferred. And not that I had few to choose from. On YouTube 24 hours video generated new every minute and only in Spain , already has a whopping 14 million unique visitors . Without a doubt we are facing a true mass phenomenon. That is why Google has chosen a tall figure in our country to ring the bell on his fifth birthday . And you, do you want to know what thefive favorite videos of Almodóvar ?

The trailer for Le mépris

“A pop gem and probably the most original trailer ever . As original and as revolutionary as the cinema that its author (Jean-Luc Godard) made in the late 50s ″. Almodóvar tells us about the trailer for a tape recorded in 1963 , Le mépris. A film directed by Godard and starring Brigitte Bardot and Michel Piccoli , a masterpiece of avant-garde cinema.

Lola Flores at Casa Flora

“It's about something more Spanish . Lola Flores reciting the tongue twister 'How would I marvel you' in the film Casa Flora “. In the scene, which will not go unnoticed in the eyes of anyone , the Pharaoh sings and recites said tongue twister and, according to the author, contributes to  "one of the greatest examples of Spanish surrealism and Dadaism ". You have to see it to realize the magnitude of the matter.

Cher and Raquel Welch singing 'Women'


The third option is described by Almodóvar as 'global-gay-chic' . An encounter between Cher and Raquel Welch singing a duet 'Women' with a choreography 'that is a model of simplicity'. It is true that the video is at least curious and according to the filmmaker, both achieve a frankly fabulous result .

You took me away, Jacques Brel


And he continues with a very important song for him , but also for the rest of sensitive humans . How could it be otherwise, we are talking about the interpretation that a very young Jacques Brel makes  of his 'Ne me quitte pas' . “ A true monument to the romantic and painful song . Jacques Brel is covered in sweat all the time and a very close-up is kept throughout the song "

The neighbors who fight

Two completely crazy neighbors make life miserable for each other. "A very Spanish scene, in a country characterized by enmity between neighbors ." In the video we see two Valencian neighbors and the way in which each one deals with making life impossible for the other . 'A marvel that lasts four minutes and that should already be in the horror film anthology.'

Photo by: .Bambo.

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