The PS4 Slim will arrive in Spain in two new colors

The PS4 Slim will arrive in Spain in two new colors

If you are thinking of getting a PS4 or you just want to renew yours, from June 28 it will be available in two colors. On that date, the PS4 Gold and the PS4 Silver arrive in Spain , in gold and silver respectively.

What they are looking for from Sony is to give a more metallic look to the console , with two alternative colors to the well-known black and white that was released at the beginning of the year. It does not have new functionalities, since it is only a model of the PS4 Slim with cases of different shades. It should be noted that both the PS4 Gold and the PS4 Silver are limited editions, so it should be noted that they are subject to the manufacture that has been done.

PS4 Slim gold silver

As for the storage offered in these new consoles, they will be 500 GB . So that they don't clash, the Dualshock 4 wireless controllers will also be available in the same color to match the PS4. In addition, they are also for sale independently in case we want to give a little color to our games with the PlayStation.

With gold and silver, from Sony they accompany their PS4 Jet Black (black version) and PS4 Glacier White (white) with two new colors. The latter went on sale in early 2017.

What has not been revealed at the moment is the price . It should be remembered that right now a black 500 GB PS4 Slim is priced at 300 euros in any official store, although with the Days of Play discounts we can get it for 250 euros. The amount of the PS4 Gold and the PS4 Slim is expected to be revealed shortly.

At this time you can make the reservation of the PS4 Gold and the PS4 Silver (with two controllers each) at a price of 330 euros on websites such as PcComponentes.

Days of Play, Sony's sales

From Sony they have launched the Days of Play, some very interesting offers where we can find the 500 GB PS4 at a price of 250 euros, and we will have an extra Dualshock 4 controller. Although this offer will only be in effect on June 9.

They have also reduced the virtual reality glasses , from June 9 to 18 we can buy them with the PlayStation Camera and the VR Worlds game for 400 euros.

And to round off the offer, there are several games with more than tempting sales. For example, Uncharted 4 goes down to 30 euros while Horizon Zero Dawn stays at 40 euros. A very interesting way to seduce us from Sony, which has added many more games at a very competitive price.