The best keyboard shortcuts for Excel and Word

Excel and Word

When it comes to working with documents, there is no better way to do it than through the Google Docs office suite , an assortment of cloud tools with which you can write documents, make spreadsheets and even create the most amazing presentations. flashy. In addition to being a perfect system to never lose data , it is an essential tool if you are going to create the document with several people or if you simply want to share it without complications . But if you are one of those classic users, we are sure that you will not want to give up all the advantages that the Office suite programs continue to offer : Excel and Word. To help you speed up your performance while using these programs, today we want to provide you with a whole series of useful keyboard shortcuts that will help you to go faster and be a true ace both using Excel and Word .

The best shortcuts for Word

It is the most popular word processor. These are the best shortcuts:

  • CTRL (Control Key) + C: a classic, to copy  what you have selected
  • CTRL + V:  another classic, to paste your selection
  • CTRL + ESC : open the start menu
  • CTRL + HOME : go to the beginning of a window or a folder
  • CTRL + END : go to the end of a window or a folder
  • CTRL + A : open the My Documents folder
  • CTRL + B : open the Find dialog
  • CTRL + E : select all
  • CTRL + G : to save the document or changes
  • CTRL + I - Opens the Go To dialog, great for navigating through the document
  • CTRL + K : make selection italic
  • CTRL + N : to make and remove the bold text
  • CTRL + P : activate the machinery to print
  • CTRL + S : to put and remove the underline
  • CTRL + U : open a new document
  • CTRL + X : cut selected
  • CTRL + Y : redo the last action
  • CTRL + Z : undo the last action

Keyboard Shortcuts

The best shortcuts for Excel

If you are one of those who wander around Excel like Pedro at his house , you have to know all these shortcuts. They will come in handy to save time and effort:

  • CTRL + A:  open a book
  • CTRL + N:  create one again
  • CTRL + G:  save
  • CTRL + P: preview and  print
  • F11: an instant graph
  • Shift + F11: insert a new sheet
  • CTRL + Page Down:  move to another sheet
  • CTRL + Page Up: move to another previous sheet
  • F6: move to next panel or panel above
  • CTRL + C:  copy the selected
  • CTRL + V:  paste the selected
  • CTRL + Y: redo an action
  • CTRL + Z: undo an action
  • CTRL + E:  select the entire document
  • F2 : edit the cell you are in
  • SHIFT + Space : select the entire row
  • CTRL + Space:  select the entire column
  • CTRL + 9: hide selected columns
  • CTRL + 1: format cells
  • CTRL + A: select all
  • CTRL + N: add bold
  • CTRL + K: add italics

What are your favorite shortcuts for Excel and Word? You can share them with us in the comments.