How the schedules of classes for children are organized on television

How the schedules of classes for children are organized on television

Confinement has turned our lives upside down . The coronavirus health crisis has changed our daily lives and the truth is that it promises to change us forever. The smallest of the house and the youngest also notice it. In fact, most have not been to school since March 13. Those who reside in Madrid for one more week.

That is why many parents have gone to work to be teachers and teachers at home . Many teachers, especially those in Secondary, send work to children and adolescents every day. Otherwise, they would be missing classes for more than a month. And we'll see what happens from April and May.

An initiative of the Ministry of Education, thanks to the proposal of publishers and educational platforms, is lightening the work of families at home a bit. Because from this Monday, March 23, RTVE offers through its channels Clan and La 2 classes at a distance . We tell you what the schedules are and how you can take advantage of this training resource for your sons and daughters.


“We learn at home” hours during confinement

Let's see what proposals we have underway through these two RTVE channels. The program "We learn at home" will be broadcast for the duration of the State of Alarm and, therefore, the state of confinement that we must all maintain in our homes. However, each of the channels broadcasts for a different age group, at different times and with different subjects. These are the subjects that are taught every day:

  • Monday: Math
  • Tuesday: Social Sciences
  • Wednesday: Art Education / Physical Education
  • Thursday: Language and languages
  • Friday: Natural Sciences

Depending on the age of the children, they are scheduled at one hour or another and to a station each day. Check what time your child would take the class of each subject according to her age:

  • 6 to 8 years old : 9 to 10 hours on Clan TV
  • Ages 8-10 : 10-11 hours on Clan TV
  • 10 to 12 years old : 11 to 12 hours on Clan TV
  • From 12 to 14 years old : from 12 to 13 hours in La 2
  • From 14 to 16 years : from 13 to 14 hours in La 2

As you can see, Primary students will always see their training content on Clan TV . While those of Secondary will have the opportunity to continue training, without exception, in La 2 .


How to make the most of the training proposals

We have verified that in order to rigorously follow and take advantage of the educational proposals offered by the Ministry of Education together with the platforms and publishers that collaborate by providing content, we cannot leave children and young people alone.

It is very important to pay attention to the instructions of the teachers who teach the classes. Because in addition to giving educational tips and tricks for learning, they call us to access the different platforms to download content for free, files and PDF files to practice the knowledge offered through the videos.

In addition, it may be more useful for children and adolescents to directly access these platforms to personalize their learning . There they will be able to check what the available contents are and delve into those subjects or concepts in which they have more difficulties. Otherwise, they risk getting lost or even more confused.

Another option is to connect to the Learning at Home page that the Ministry of Education has set up. From here you can access a section of Teachers or Families, depending on the need. There are countless resources for students of all levels. We hope that, in addition to the online classes, this will be useful to you.