Taga, the bike-cart for babies and parents


When you see simple devices like this, you think “but why didn't it occur to me?” . Taga is one of those good ideas that are so good because anyone could have thought of it , but no one had the wisdom to make it a reality. And what is Taga , exactly? Well, it is neither more nor less than a hybrid between a folding bicycle and a baby stroller . You see how easy and how difficult, at the same time.

The main structure of Taga is made of aluminum , and it is designed in such a way that it can adopt multiple possibilities depending on how we want the walk with the little offspring to be . Thus, the three wheels that this peculiar vehicle uses can be arranged in various ways depending on the way in which it is to be used, whether as a cart, as a bicycle, as a front two-seater sidecar ... a marvel.


Taga is built on the basis of these three wheels that we are talking about, measuring 16 inches, and is equipped with Shimano brakes on the parallel wheels . The seats have three positions in cart mode and two in bike mode . The manufacturers of this peculiar invention, located in Holland , ensure that each one of the Taga conversions is achieved in just 20 seconds , a record figure considering the 20 or 29 kilos that this device weighs depending on the configuration it adopts.

For now, Taga is endorsed for having obtained the 2008 Eurobike award and for the best innovation at the Kind und Jugend in Cologne . From the official website we are referred to a series of Spanish establishments where it can be purchased, and although the price does not tell us , we have discovered that if we want a Taga we will have to pay 1,800 euros . Take it now.

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