Fortnite adds a treasure map in the new update of season 8

Fortnite adds a treasure map in the new update of season 8

Season 8 of Fortnite started a few days ago and we already have the first update. Version number 8.01 adds a treasure map. It is related to the theme of this season, the pirates. Also coming are new weapon and item changes, bug fixes and improvements, and new limited-time modes . These are all the news.

One of the highlights of the new update is a new item. Yes, it is a treasure map. This can appear in floor and chest loot and is of legendary rarity. The function of the map is to find a chest with weapons and legendary items . These chests are buried on the map, we must follow the X and dig with the pick to open it. Although there are different maps scattered around the Battle Royale island, you can only carry one.

There are also weapon changes. The explosive object called 'Pyrotechnic Rockets' is eliminated . The Infantry Rifle will now appear fewer times on the map. In chests its appearance goes from 14.41 percent to 13.39 percent. In floor loot it goes from 2.41 percent to 2.24 percent. The appearance of limpets is also reduced. In chests from 9.42 percent to 5.52 percent. In ground loot from 1.27 percent to 1.02 percent.


The new update comes with different sound improvements. Different sound glitches when firing weapons, opening the umbrella or knocking down structures are fixed . In gameplay it increases the angle of travel through the terrain from 65 to 75 degrees without falling damage.

New limited time mode

A new limited time mode called 'Slip' is added. In this mode, players will move around the map with frozen feet. Therefore, they will be continuously slipping. In this mode, a suction cup with unlimited suction cups is applied and fall damage is removed. The team that manages to be the only one on the map wins.

New in Creative Mode and Save the World

In creative mode it is now possible to add unlimited graffiti around the maps. New weapons, items, and new prefabs are added to create your own island. A bug with the billboard is also fixed. New heroes arrive in the Save the World game mode and various gameplay improvements are fixed.

Via: Epic Games.