Spotify Premium individual, duo or family, what is the best plan for me?

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Spotify has just released its new subscription plan, which is called Spotify Premium Duo . This plan is presented as an alternative to the Family Plan that until now offered the streaming music service and is in addition to the two plans that until now were available on the platform. With three types of subscription on the table, the question is almost forced: which is the best plan that we can hire in 2020? Duo, Family or Individual Plan?

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Spotify Duo, the cheapest option for groups of two

This new option reaches the Spotify rate park for 13 euros per month in Spain . Spotify Duo will be available at the same time in the rest of the countries (55, to be more exact) where the company operates, so it is understood that it is compatible with different regions.

Like the rest of the plans offered by the company, the advantages of Spotify Duo are the same as a conventional Spotify Premium subscription: without ads, without limit of reproduction in the mobile application and with the possibility of playing the songs without Internet in the  phone . In this aspect, the subscription does not differ at all from the rest of the payment plans. Starting from this premise, it is necessary to assess its long-term profitability to compare it with the rest of the rates.

Doing the old woman's account, the subscription price divided by 2 gives us a value of 6.50 euros, a value that is far from the 10 euros per month that the Spotify Premium Individual plan costs. A year we would end up saving an average of 42 euros compared to the latter .

Family Plan and dangers involved in hiring the plan if there is no family

The most economical and interesting option for families of 6 members is the Family Plan. This plan is currently offered for a single price of 15 euros per month. With this subscription,  Spotify enables 6 quotas for 6 different Spotify accounts . The problem is that, as its own name indicates, it is indicated only and exclusively for family members. But what does this mean?

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Periodically, the application will check the IP addresses and postal addresses of all members registered in the plan panel. If the IP addresses are not in the same address range or the postal address differs from the other addresses, Spotify reserves the right to terminate the plan at any time . Or so the theory goes.

Regarding the profitability of the long-term rate, the subscription price divided by 6 gives us about 2.50 euros per month. Per year, this gives us a total price of 30 euros, which means 48 euros of savings compared to Spotify Duo and 90 euros compared to the Individual plan .

Individual Plan, the most expensive of the three

It is a fact, the Individual subscription plan is the most expensive of the three and therefore the least profitable in the long term. For practical purposes, the subscription offers the same advantages as the other plans. Its price is 10 euros every month , which is a whopping 120 euros per year, a value that is four times the price per subscription of the Family Plan and almost double the price of the Spotify Premium Duo subscription.

Another option that the company currently offers gives us the possibility of hiring this rate for 3 months completely free of charge . The problem with this subscription is that it is temporary. To this we must add that we will not be able to hire her again once we have exceeded the trial period. To enjoy this promotion again we will have to enable a new account with an email address different from the original one.

Subscription for students, the best alternative to the Individual plan

The last option that the company offers is intended only for students, generally from university and institute. And when we say students we mean real students. Through the options of the platform we will have to prove that we are students of a properly inhabited educational center. We can do it by means of a registration document or a certificate issued by the center itself.

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As for the price of this subscription, it is currently set at 5 euros per month , half the price of the Individual plan. A year we would pay 60 euros, a value quite close to the value of Spotify Duo. Of course, to renew the subscription we will have to prove every year that we continue to study certified studies at the time of registration. Likewise, the maximum hiring limit is 4 years. Once 4 years have passed from the date of contracting, Spotify will limit us from contracting this plan.

So which fee is worth the most?

We have already analyzed all the differences between subscriptions. It is time to draw conclusions, although we have previously prepared a list with the price of each of the plans divided by prices.

  • Duo Plan : 6.50 euros per month per subscription and 78 euros per year.
  • Family Plan : 2.50 euros per month per subscription and 30 euros per year.
  • Individual Plan : 10 euros per month and 120 euros per year.
  • Students Plan : 5 euros per month and 60 euros per year.

The most profitable long-term plan is, without a doubt, the Family Plan, with a price of only 30 euros if we manage to bring together 5 other members that belong to our family. It is followed by the plan for students, with a price of only 60 euros. Spotify Premium Duo, although less economical, is the same or more interesting than the previous two, since it does not require any type of additional condition . The Individual Plan is the least profitable of the four and, therefore, the least recommended.

Spotify Premium individual, duo or family, what is the best plan for me?  two

This is the email that Spotify can send us if it detects any anomaly in the Family Plan, such as IP addresses out of range or different postal addresses between members.

Whichever plan we choose, from we recommend always complying with the terms of use of the platform, since we can be banned from the application at any time.