LG advances in the creation of refrigerators more respectful with the environment

LG advances in the creation of refrigerators more respectful with the environment

Did you know that the refrigerator is the appliance that consumes the most in the home? Currently, this equipment is in the first position because, in fact, it is in practice the only appliance that is switched on continuously.

That is why it is so important that when we are going to replace the old refrigerator with a new one, we always choose one that can provide us with maximum energy efficiency. Although the appliance costs us a little more, we will see this expense compensated in the savings that we will get every month on the electricity bill .

The Korean company LG has a good number of refrigerators with the A +++ label in its catalog. By acquiring one of these, we will be able to save up to 70% the consumption of light for the refrigerator in our home . And if you are concerned about the environment, you should know that with the installation of this refrigerators we can reduce the emission of CO2 gases. As much as the equivalent of what a 210-tree forest absorbs in 10 years.

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LG GSL961NEAX Refrigerator 

Dimensions912 x 1,790 x 738 mm
Total Gross Volume668 (Freezer 246 and Refrigerator 422)
Total Useful Volume601 (Freezer 196 and Refrigerator 405)
General characteristicsOutdoor LED Display, Total No Frost Refrigeration System, Multi-Air Flow, Inverter Linear Compressor, Water Dispenser, Ice / Crushed Ice Maker and Dispenser,
Special functionsSmart Diagnosis with NFC, Bio shield antibacterial system
Sound Level (dB)39
Energy efficiencyA +++ (-10%)
Energy consumption (Kwh / year)362
Autonomy without current (hr)16 hours
Freezing capacity (kg / 24hr)7.5
Door colorFingerprint Steel
Specific characteristics of the refrigeratorInterior LED light, Pure N Fresh, Bottle rack, Aperitif corner, Transparent door compartments, Fresh Zone, Deodorizer, Optimum preservation of fruit and vegetables Magic Crisper
Release dateAvailable
Price2,300 euros

lg refrigerator

LG GSL961NEAX, a super efficient American refrigerator

The LG GSL961NEAX has a maximum energy efficiency label A +++ . It is a large capacity American refrigerator, without water intake and with a 20-year guarantee, certified by LG. It is an ideal equipment for large families or for those who need to store a lot of food. Both in the fridge and freezer.

It has a capacity  of 601 liters  and a great organization system. Although it can produce ice and water, it works through an easy-to-fill reservoir, without the need to connect a water connection. The capacity of this tank, in fact, is 4 liters. So you won't have to fill it as often.

Energy savings are achieved through the  Inverter Linear Compressor . It is made up of fewer components and produces less friction. This means, in the end, that you consume 32% less. And it's up to 25% quieter.

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Special functions of the LG GSL961NEAX

But this  LG GSL961NEAX has more features that make it an efficient refrigerator. There is, for example, the Magic Crisper system. Which is nothing more than a special compartment with a lattice structure at the top. This allows for condensation and evaporation. For what? Well, to maintain the humidity level and keep fruits and vegetables 20% fresher. Even though a week has passed.

To the energy saving must be added that of the supermarket bill. It is about preventing us from throwing away so much food. The FRESH Balancer system is used to regulate the humidity level with a selector, depending on whether we store more fruit or vegetables.

And finally, we have to mention the Pure N Fresh system, which is responsible for deodorizing the fridge. And there is nothing worse than the refrigerator smells bad. This system minimizes odors from the fridge thanks to an air purification system. It is actually a carbon filter that works with a fan. This forces the air to circulate and returns it purified to the inside of the refrigerator.

Price and availability of the LG GSL961NEAX

The LG GSL961NEAX is already on sale in our country. You can get it for between 2,200 and 2,500 euros, but depending on the store, you may have the opportunity to get a discount. Right now you can find it at El Corte Inglés for 2,300 euros, with a 6% discount.