Chocolate phone


It is signed in Korea and responds to the interest of the LG Electronics firm to demonstrate that they are at the level of quality in the manufacture of electronics of the best.

The mobile phone, presented in London, is called LG Chocolate (in Spain the name has its own). The fact is that this ChocoPhone, from the outset is presented as a seductive mobile. It is true that my good friend and colleague Ángel Jiménez de Luis (whom I respect, salute and show homage from here) did not think it was good enough because it is not 3G .

From here I am sorry to disagree about the video call. The fact is, Chocolate doesn't seem to want to have the latest of the latest. When reviewing its functions we discover that it carries an acceptable camera (1.3 MPix), but not dazzling. It also has no memory card input and the phone is not third generation.

In reality, the key is that this mobile is simply intended to dazzle by its design and make a difference in terms of appearance and operation. It is designed to seduce the vast majority of fans who are looking for a small and discreet mobile, but that works well. A phone to call and, yes, to teach when necessary.

But, what has surprised me the most about Chocolate is that it works really well and is at the level of finishing of the great electronics (Nokia, Philips, Sony ”¦)