Acer, the console that facilitates the use and exchange of content

acer - 3

Acer has just unveiled its unified content management concept . It is a console for use that, once the design is finished, it will be installed on all the devices in the house . The objective of this console, very intuitive and based on easy-to-understand icons , is to be able to manage all the content located on compatible devices and especially on the home network . This also implies the use of mobile phones, a possible tablet, a hard disk recorder , and so on.

The goal of the house is that the manufacturer's phones, televisions and players all use the same user interface, and that they also all have DLNA compatibility . That way they can reproduce the contents from the home network , but also store all kinds of documents on any device connected to it. An important part of this user console is that it allows you to send and play content on any of the connected devices .

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