This is how the closure by the coronavirus has affected torrent downloads

This is how the closure by the coronavirus has affected torrent downloads

With a large number of countries in a situation of quarantine due to the Coronavirus , one of the best ways to pass the time is through the mass consumption of series and movies. And despite the fact that streaming platforms are more than established than ever in our society, their catalog is limited and does not cover everything there has been and to be.

For this reason, torrents have always had a great reputation for being able to access almost any type of content. And of course, in these days of confinement, it is not surprising that both the number of users sharing files and the number of downloads made has skyrocketed in the last month . Next, we see it in more detail.

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North-South division of downloads

According to the data that can be extracted from the web I know What You Download ( // ), which collects a huge amount of information about torrent downloads, we observe the upward trend both in the number of IPs sharing files and in the number of downloads in major European countries. Thus, certain differences can be observed in the behavior of users according to the more or less restrictive confinement regulations of each country.

In fact, we could draw a north-south axis in torrent downloading habits with a group of Mediterranean countries where the peak of downloads is more pronounced, and a north without large fluctuations.torrents

In this way, Italy and Spain present very pronounced increases from the days when the quarantine was declared on March 9 and 14 respectively. A peak of downloads that has remained without great variations since then. A similar case can also be found in France, whose government instituted quarantine on March 17 with strict controls on mobility among its population.torrents

If we look at the northern countries, the trend repeats itself again, although not so pronounced . This is due to the fact that in territories such as the United Kingdom or the Netherlands, the confinement measures have not been as restrictive as in the southern countries, giving their inhabitants a certain margin for mobility.