Kingdom Come: Deliverance, a medieval role-playing game for PS4

Kingdom Come: Deliverance, a medieval role-playing game for PS4

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is not a game for everyone. This title for PS4 is part of the tradition of pure role-playing games, where the action goes to the background to leave the protagonism to the evolution of the character, the missions, the dialogues ... A proposal for gamers who want to experiment first-hand medieval life in the shoes of a young gunsmith whose life is radically changed by tragedy. Those who have played the role will know well this starting point of the stories (for some reason there is always a tragedy floating in the environment).

It is a game to take hours, many hours. The beginning is slow and it is difficult to get used to the movements and the character sheet. Entering this menu can be overwhelming, although as the minutes go by you get the dynamics of being able to choose your outfit, review the diary, discover the things you keep in your inventory and become familiar with the map. Speaking of a map, I really liked its visual proposal, but it doesn't seem as intuitive as for example that of Horizon Zero Dawn.

Kingdom Come Deliverance map

Once you get through the first few minutes of acclimatization, the game begins to hook for the quality of its dialogues and some details that I find fantastic, such as an animation in which father and son forge a sword step by stepor. However, you also have to live (especially at the beginning) with missions that can touch your morale. For example, bring your father a beer so you can follow the story. And bring her another one again if it's been too long since you took her because she's gotten hot. At this point I find one of the improvable aspects of the game. And it is the fact that the dialogues with other characters are repeated exactly the same. Usually not a problem, but in this case having the same filtering conversation with the young woman in the tavern again and hearing the same responses squeaks a bit.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Good fight dynamics

The fighting dynamics are quite realistic. I like the way you can direct sword attacks from different angles . Bear in mind that this quest for realism makes fights and battles somewhat slow and unspectacular. It also does not help, in my opinion, the fact that you have a first-person view, although it is something that depends a lot on the taste of each one. But if what you are looking for is to get closer to medieval times, this title has a lot to say.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Character Sheet

Lights and shadows

Realism. That's the word that best defines Kingom Come: Deliverance . It is a game in which you will have to worry about eating, sleeping, your physical appearance before starting a conversation, making money, etc. So many details that the most passionate of the genre will find an excellent title. Also, the story behind it starts to hook you after a while playing. Of course, not everything is lights. There are aspects that could be improved, such as the game's own graphics, with a finish that is not up to the standard of the PS4 titles. The repetition of the dialogues is sometimes shocking, and the fact that in every action you take (even if it's as simple as picking something up off the ground) the screen fades to black as if something remarkable had happened. However, I suspect that I will spend a few more hours discovering the world of a few centuries ago.

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