How to Convert Books to ePub Format to Read on the Amazon Kindle

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True, the Kindle from Amazon is one of the best e - book readers that we currently have on the market. The Kindle could, in fact, be one of the most purchased gifts this  Christmas . One of the main disadvantages is, without a doubt, the format of the books. And is that for now, Amazon readers do not keep compatibility with one of the most used formats in the world of digital reading. We refer, logically, to the ePub . If you look at the data sheet of your Kindle you will see that only restricted extensions of Kindle are accepted (ASW3 and AZT)in addition to the classic TXT and PDF , among some other files among which the famous ePub is not found . In this way, the user can not read books downloaded from services like Google Books , or AbeBooks , among other collections of online literature. There is, however, a formula that will allow us to enjoy all these downloads through our Kindle . Do you dare to try it? It is quick and easy. We present it to you in very few steps.

It is true that the Kindle is not compatible with ePub files , but this will not prevent us from reading a downloaded book in this format without any problem. We will do it thanks to the magic of conversion .


1) Download the Caliber program . It is a tool used to manage electronic books. Download it through this link and start installing it on your computer (it is compatible with Windows , Mac and Linux ). When you're done, select the option to Run Caliber immediately . Wait for it to finish and you'll see that Caliber starts up in no time.

2) You will not have to configure anything else. Once the program is open, select the Add option to add the books in ePub format that you want to convert to read on your Kindle . You will only have to access the folder where the books are located to select the ones you want to convert.

3) Connect your Kindle to the computer. To install these books on the device, you must click on the Send to device button , first selecting those you are interested in transferring. The program will ask you if you want to Autoconvert the file or files . As is logical, you will have to indicate that Yes .

In the lower right corner of the program you will see that there is a monitor that will indicate how the management of these files is progressing. Once the conversion is finished and the content is sent, you can disconnect the Kindle and start enjoying reading your books on ePub . The format to which they are converted is usually PDF , so you shouldn't have any problem handling them in your reader . If you want to test the service before testing it, Caliber offers a trial version that you can download free of charge. The normal version is also free, although the service owners ask for the voluntary contribution of those who freely want to collaborate with this conversion platform .