LG Smart TV, the smartest and safest system

LG Smart TV, the smartest and safest system

When we want to buy a new television, the logical thing is to look at its image quality. But other aspects such as design or connectivity should not be left aside. But, without a doubt, one of the most important characteristics of today's televisions is the Smart TV system . We must choose one that guarantees us access to the most important applications. Also that it works smoothly, that it has extra options and that it is safe. And it is that, although it does not seem like it, the operating systems of televisions can also be infected by viruses. The LG Smart TV fulfills all these characteristics.

The webOS 4.0 system has real Artificial Intelligence . Thanks to this system we can make requests to the television that will facilitate its handling. In addition, it is one of the safest Smart TV systems on the market. And, of course, it has the best applications, which will give us access to almost any service we need. So let's review what the LG Smart TV system offers us.

Easy to use and safe

LG Smart TV security system

LG offers an intuitive and customizable platform. The webOS 4.0 system allows you to order applications and channels, as well as leave content playing in the background . The latter allows you to return to them when necessary quickly.

LG Smart TV is controlled via Magic Remote . This remote control allows you to operate the TV through a pointer, which is connected to the TV via Bluetooth. That is, it is not necessary to point at the TV to use the remote. Thanks to the use of a pointer, we can operate the TV more easily and quickly.

Being able to install and run applications directly on the TV has many benefits, but also some risks. LG's Smart TV system has UL Cybersecurity certification , which accredits it as one of the safest on the market. This certification is only achieved after passing various tests that test the system for vulnerabilities. The test battery consists of a series of attacks on your virtual networks and applications. Passing these controls and tests ensures that the LG system protects the private information of LG TV users in the best possible way.

Real artificial intelligence

All LG TVs of 2018 have the company's artificial intelligence system . The artificial intelligence of LG televisions is capable of offering us the content that we may like the most. Also to improve the experience of using the television, allowing us to access content more easily and quickly. In addition, very soon you will be able to send orders to other teams with artificial intelligence just by asking the Magic Remote control.

The ThinQ system of LG televisions offers us many options. For example, we can tell you to search for content among the channels that we have configured, such as scary movies or news programs.

We may also ask you to change the picture settings for us or to display the game console or Blu-Ray player. We may even ask you questions about the content we are viewing. For example, if we are watching a movie we can ask the plot, who is the director or who is the leading actor . We can even tell him to tell us when the show we're watching is back on.

The artificial intelligence system of LG televisions also allows us to program the television to turn off . Are you afraid of falling asleep? No problem. You can tell your TV to turn off when the movie or show you're watching ends.

It is even capable of searching content in some applications . For example, we can tell you to play Stranger Things or any other series that we are following on Netflix.

And content aside, it also allows us to ask you for general information . For example, it is possible to ask you to tell us what the weather will be like in a specific city or to show us the results of our soccer team.

Although LG's Artificial Intelligence system currently allows the television to be the center of our living room, it could soon become the center of our home. We will have an increasing number of devices that will offer this feature to create a smart home. So soon the TV will be able to interact with lights, fridges, washing machines and much more .

Finally, LG Smart TVs have the Google Assistant system . This system developed by the search engine company is open and compatible with multiple devices. That is, we can use our television to control all the devices we have with the Google Assistant. This opens up a whole world of possibilities.